84 Inch Shower Curtains

84 Inch Shower Curtains

Over the past few years, longer shower curtains such as the 84 inch shower curtain have greatly risen in popularity. This is mainly because bathroom remodelling has become the latest and greatest fad, which has led to larger and wider bathrooms and showers. To cater for this, shower curtain manufacturers have started to design additional extra long shower curtains, with the 84″ size being the most popular of the longer style variety.

The 84″ curtain is generally considered to be quite a large size compared to the standard size shower curtain, hence they are a little bit more difficult to find than your ordinary sized liner. As an example, the Harlequin Fabric Extra Long Shower Curtain comes in both 84″ or 96″ in length, bot of which are much bigger than the standard size.

As useful as the 84″ sized models are, they are much more than that, as they enhance the appearance and beauty of your bathroom. They come in many different materials. Popular and cheaper ones are made from various different types of plastic. This helps keep costs down, and allows many people to give their bathrooms a cheap and easy facelift.

Nylon shower curtains are also a very good choice, as they dry up very quickly and will not get any mildew because of this. Another great choice are fabric curtains, however finding these in the extra long size is quite rare. Good attention should be paid to the size and length, as every bathrooms dimensions and look will vary from house to house. If you don’t get it right, it will likely end up looking a bit odd.


Is an 84″ curtain the correct size for your bathroom?

Different types of bathrooms require different types of lengths. Some need long or extra long to match the bathroom look and feel. The extra long type of shower curtains are unfortunately not very easy to find, and will end up costing more than a standard size. If you check online, you will find that when looking for a extra long curtain, you would have to define a length of between 72 – 120 inches long. When they are fitted, they have their own way of enhancing the look of the bathroom. No matter what the size is, they will add style and elegance to the fitted bathroom.
The 84″ size is generally considered to the idea size when it comes to longer curtains, as it is right in the middle of the “long style” shower curtains in terms of sizing.

To fit your tub or shower exactly, you may still need to order a custom curtain to fit, even with the wide variety of styles, designs and sizes available. The majority of showers will have standard size dimensions, but certain ones have an odd shape, or you may have designed your own shower or tub, and could need to have custom made curtains to fit it properly. Below we have included a conversion chart to help you establish what size is right for you.

Shower Curtain Conversion Chart

Conversion to approx inches :
180cm – 71 inch Shower Curtain
200cm – 78 inch Shower Curtain
210cm – 84 inch Shower Curtain
220cm – 86.5 inch Shower Curtain
240cm – 94.5 inch Shower Curtain
250cm – 98.4 inch Shower Curtain

Use the conversion chart above to help you find the right size curtain for your bathroom.

Where can you get them?

Now lastly you may be wondering where you can actually get them. If you get lucky, your local Walmart may keep the odd few curtains in stock. However this size can be a bit hard to find, so you may have to look elsewhere. If your local stores don’t keep them, then your best bet would be to look online. Sites like Amazon are often the best bet, as they sell a range of different curtains in the 84″ size. You can see what they currently offer over here.

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