Antique Wall Sconces

Antique Wall Sconces

If you are looking at adding the perfect touch to your decor, antique wall sconces may be perfect for you. Because there are such a variety of them out there, you will have to make a choice depending on what you need. A different and unique look can be added to your home with antique style sconces. Every model out there will give a great light source to any area. You will need to make a careful choice though, because there are so many different models out there. Your new sconce will need to fit in with your current home decor, so you need to consider this prior to making a purchase. You should look to stick to a budget, while at the same time getting a good match. Below we are going to look at two of the more popular models.

Featured Model – Progress Lighting P5628-46 1-Light Wall Sconce

This model is a fine example of outstanding craftsmanship, and is a great design to decorate your home with. It is designed with strong material and is well finished, so you can be sure that it is strong enough to last for many years. Besides this it has many premium features, and functions to support the exceptional craftsmanship. It has a weathered antique solid bronze finish. The sizing of this wall sconce is as follows. Height: 10.5″, Width 6.5″ and the extension is 7.5″ long. It also features honey art glass and mica accent panels. The Weathered Antique Bronze 1-light Outdoor Wall Sconce is a high quality sconce, and is one of the top selling antique style wall sconces. The build materials consist of aluminum, steel and glass. It is advised that you get a professional to install this item for you so that you do not damage it. By adding this particular wall sconce to your home, you will add elegance and class. You can get more info on this model over at Amazon.

Featured Model – Gilded Bronze 1-light Wall Sconce

The next model we will look at is the Gilded Antique Bronze 1-light Wall Sconce. This is another of the very popular sconces, and is yet another great choice when looking for antique style sconces. Once again the material for this item is high quality. It is comprised of glass, and stainless steel. The durability of this sconce is outstanding due to these particular materials.
The sizing of the sconce is as follows: Height 4.5″, width 14″ and the extension is 6″. Like the previous model, it will require one standard 100watt bulb to operate. This model is UL approved, so you know it is very good quality. A wonderful chandelier is included, which emphasizes the satin glass. As before, it is advisable to get a professional installation with this unit to make sure it is situated in the right spot and wired correctly.
These wall sconces are the best choice for many people. They come with a great price tag, and offers many good functions. Many consider this to be a excellent purchase, so you could always sell it off and get your money back if you feel it does not fit with your home.


Above are only two of the fine antique wall sconces you could get for your home. There are two many to discuss on a single page, but the two above are some good choices. Some other popular choices for materials include wrought iron and glass, so keep these in mind too. Remember it also comes down to your decor. You need to decide what will work, and what won’t work before your make your purchase. There is a very good chance that the 2 models above will not work with your home, so make sure you find one that does.
If you can’t find any suitable models for sale in your area, then it is definitely worth your time to check online. Many of the bigger internet retailers offer them for sale. Amazon has a great range of different models, and you can view their current product range over here.
Keep these tips in mind, and let your imagination run wild. There are many different sconces out there which will be a fine addition to your home.

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