Best Beard Trimmers

Best Beard Trimmers

On the look out for the best beard trimmer? This posts will tell you exactly what you need to know. We have detailed some of the best features and accessories to look out for in your search for the ideal trimmer. So how do you decide which is the top one for your needs? And more importantly what constitutes the best trimmer? Is it determined by price, or are there other factors to consider? Below we have listed some of the things you should take into consideration before choosing your trimmer.

What should you look out for?

  • Cost: Is the price more than your electric shaver? Will it perform as well as the more expensive trimmers, and is it within your budget?
  • Precision of The Blades: How do the blades perform with your desired beard length, and what kind of blades does it come with? Can you adjust the distance of the blades from your face so you can trim to different lengths? What type of memory setting does it come with? (this ensures it saves your speed/shape/distance settings)
  • Simplicity: The best trimmer you can find is one that is really simple to operate and use. Some can be too bulky or heavy for your needs, and you need to check this before you buy. Others will come overloaded with 20 different functions you have no use for, so keep this in mind too. Why pay extra for something you will never use? Do you like the location of the buttons? Will they be out of the way when you are trying to style your facial hair?
  • Life of the battery: Often you will have to travel, and you won’t have space for the charger. The better trimmers will have a battery life that lasts for some time, or perhaps even be battery operated so you can swap out the batteries if need be. You will need to find out how long the full charge will last, and if it has a quick charge option.

The advantages of the better models

At this point you may be asking yourself if you actually need a beard trimmer. Can’t you do what the trimmer does with a pair of scissors and a razor? Generally the answer is no, unless you have the precision of a surgeon and a lot of time to spend. If you are serious about your beard then the answer is a definite yes. The ideal trimmer will make sure you get a precise cut every time, and in record time too!

The big problem with scissors is that it is very easy to trim off too much, and with a electric razor you do not have the option of varied lengths, so you have a good chance of cutting it too short. A beard trimmer will be best as you will get the desired length and style with ease, especially if you need to trim it daily to keep it neat for work.

The different types of models available

On the market today there are many different models of beard and moustache trimmers. The two main ones are cordless or corded, and some are designed for dry or wet trimming. Some can be used not only on your facial hair, but also on your normal hair too which is quite handy. Many of the higher quality models will feature a vacuum add-on.When it comes to choosing the ideal beard trimmer, there is also the matter of the build material to consider.

Some are specially designed for sensitive skin like the foil type designs, others will come with stainless steel blades. Titanium blades are considered standard on the premium models, as titanium keeps sharper for much longer. Some of the more well know manufacturers of beard trimmers include Wahl, Andis, Braun, Panasonic and Phillips. All of these companies produce great beard trimming products that will give you a great shave.

Where can you get them?

You will find most bigger retails keep some beard trimmers in stock, but you may have a bit of difficulty if you are looking for a premium model. If that is the case, then it is certainly worth looking online as there are many internet stores that offer quality models. Amazon for example is a good place to start looking, and you can see what they currently offer on their website.
When choosing the best beard trimmer, be sure to keep these factors in mind, and you will be sure of finding one that will last you for many years to come!

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