Best Garlic Presses

Best Garlic Presses

We are going to be talking about garlic presses today, otherwise known as garlic mincers. These great inventions are a quick and easy way to make garlic chunks in a jiffy, and today we are helpfully help to steer you in the right direction before you decide to buy one. To start off with we will talk about some of the different kinds you get, and after that we will take a look at some of the top rated models you can currently get. You can skip onto the recommended models section using this link if you want, otherwise lets begin by taking a look at some of the types you can get.

What are the two different product types?

When it comes to cutting up garlic there are two major product options you will need to decide between. The first kind you will find is the somewhat new polycarbonite type garlic grinders, which are also otherwise known as garlic twisters. These are a somewhat new invention, and have only really been around the past decade or so. These are essentially two circular piece of tough plastic which fit together. You simply put the garlic into the bottom piece, stick the top bit on, and then begin twisting. The two interlocking pieces have bits of jagged plastic at the bottom and top of each piece which grinds the garlic when the two pieces are twisted together. It sounds easy enough, but there are some disadvantages of these types when compared to traditional garlic presses.
The first main issue is that it can sometimes be a bit difficult to get the process started. For older women or people with arthritis, this could definitely be an issue. For everyone else it isn’t a major concern, as all that is needed is a little strength to get it going. Bear in mind that you should not turn the unit sideways when you are twisting it, as the juices tends to spill out this way!
The other issue is when it comes to getting all the garlic out of the unit. Quite a bit of it tends to get stuck between the protruding grinding spikes, so getting all of it out can be a little frustrating at times. Often a little nudge with a fork should help to dislodge these pieces, but we do wish this aspect of the design could have been handled a little better.
Overall these kinds are not a bad choice, and they are the cheapest kind you can get. Most cost in the range of $10-$20, and they provide a decent and cheap garlic mincing service.

The other and more popular kind are the standard metal presses. These have been around forever, and have stood the test of time. These are somewhat easier to operate, and they can easily be used with unpeeled cloves of garlic. As seen in the picture at the top of the page, one handle opens up so you can insert your cloves of garlic, and after that you use your hands to pull the unit closed which crushes the garlic. This is somewhat easier than using a garlic twister, and the ability to used unpeeled garlic gives these kinds the clear advantage.
These are made out of metal, so a quality one will last you for a lifetime, unlike a plastic type which is somewhat less durable. A quality metal press will cost between $30 and $50, so be prepared to spend this much if you are looking for a reliable model.
Above are the two main choices you have when it comes to a garlic grinder. Obviously we would recommend a metal press, but if you are on a very tight budget then the garlic twister will have to do. Now lets have a look at some of the most popular models currently available on the market.

Recommended model – Rosle 12782 Press

One of the current top rated presses you can get is the Rosle 12782 Press. This is a full stainless steel model, and has been a firm favorite for many years now. The design is very elegant, featuring a satin finish, and one handle has a hanging hook for easy storage. The garlic chamber can fit several cloves in it at once, and there is no need to bother with peeling them. A quick press of the handle will give you minced garlic in seconds, and the entire unit is dishwasher safe, otherwise a quick rinse under the tap will get rid of most of the excess garlic.

The unit itself is well constructed, and this is backed by a confident lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Overall this is a very good press, and will fit in any kitchen very nicely. The retail price is around $45, but remember that this would likely be the last garlic mincer you ever have to buy! You can find out more about this model and read some of the hundreds of positive user reviews over at the Amazon listing.

Recommended model – Kuhn Rikon Press

In recent years a competitor has emerged which has eclipsed the popularity of the model above – the Kuhn Rikon Press. Like the Rosle above, this is a fully stainless steel mode which looks very modern and stylish.
The construction is very sturdy, and the unit feels tough while still being light enough to handle and work with. The garlic chamber can hold several cloves at once, all which are instantly crushed with a push of the handle. The top handle hinges out which allows you to run it under the tap, otherwise it is dishwasher safe. This model is very similar to the Rosle above, with one key difference – the handle. As you can see in the photo of the Kuhn , the handle is curved whereas the Rosle has a straight handle. The curved handle makes quite a bit of difference, making the entire action of squashing the garlic a bit easier. We aren’t saying that the Rosle is hard to use, but the curved handle on the Kuhn makes it a little easier to operate in our opinion. And with a price that often dips under $35, it is a slightly cheaper option. This model comes with a lifetime warranty, so this what most people who are looking for a quality garlic press tend to buy. With thousands of five-star user reviews on Amazon, this model is certainly a great choice. You can read some of those many reviews and checked the current pricing over at the Amazon product page.

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