Best Tower Fans

Best Tower Fans

We are going to be talking about tower fans today, and hopefully we will be able to help you find the best one for your needs. There are many different ones on the market at the moment, so finding a suitable one can be a bit tricky. Below we will be talking about some of the features you should look out for when choosing a fan, and then after that we will be taking a look at some of the highly recommended and popular models. If you have only want to see the recommended models, then you can click here to skip straight to that section. Now lets have a look at some of the important features to think about before you make a purchase.

What features should you look for in a tower fan?

In recent years, tower fans have risen greatly in popularity. The reasons for this is the tall and completely unobtrusive profile they have. Unlike older stand or pedestal fans, these take up far less space and blend into the room much better. These fans have a range of different features, so there are some things you should consider before you make a purchase.

The first and most obvious feature is multiple speed controls. This isn’t something you should worry about much, as almost every model out there comes with this these days. However this is a must have inclusion as it will allow you to use higher speeds on a hot day and lower speeds on a milder day. In terms of convenience, you should also think about a model that comes with a remote. This will also come in very handy on those lazy summer days!

Do you need an oscillating fan or a programmable schedule?

Next you will need to consider if you need a oscillating fan or not. If the fan is only for you, then this may not be necessary. However if it is going to be used in a room with multiple people, then this feature will help keep everyone cool. The oscillation tends to do a better job of dispersing heat, so this is quite handy to have.
Another feature to think about is a tower fan that has a programmable schedule. If the fan is intended for an office location, then this feature could be used during office hours to make things a little easier. If you only plan on using the fan during certain times then this could save you a bit of time, especially if you are forgetful and think you may forget to switch it off when you are finished using it.

What other features should you consider?

Some fans come with a built in ionizer. This feature essentially cleans the air for you while the fan is working, thus making a healthier environment for you to breath in. The way it works is that the fan generates negative ions. These negative ions are then released into the air, and they bond with any positive ions they come into contact with such as dust, pollen, smoke or bacteria. Once they have bonded with the positive ions, they become too heavy to continue floating in the air, and fall to the ground. From there they can be cleaned by conventional methods such as a vacuum cleaner. They are a great way to cleanse the air, and are a really nice little extra feature to keep an eye out for.
One last thing to potentially look out for is a carry handle. If you intend to move the fan from room to room, then this could come in handy. Most of the newer fans are quite light and easy to move around, nonetheless this is a nice little extra bit to have if you intend to move the unit around the house.
Now that we have discussed some of the features to consider, let’s have a look at some of the more popular models currently available on the market. Since there are some many tower fans on the market right now, it is hard to decide which one to choose. But there are some that definitely stand out from the crowd which we will list below.

Recommended model – Lasko 2554 Fan

The first of these is the Lasko 2554 tower fan. This is a 42″ curved tower fan, and is very reasonably priced. It comes with three quiet fan speeds, and has a timer which can be set up to 7.5 hours. It comes with a remote control which allows you to control the unit effectively from a distance, otherwise there are buttons on top of the unit to set it to your desired output requirements. It does oscillate, but the range is a little bit shorter than some of the better units you can buy.

Aside from this, it is a decent tower fan, and will give you good performance at a really good price. With over 2500 five star user reviews on Amazon, this model looks like a winner. You can check the latest pricing and read some of the many Amazon user reviews on the listing page.

Recommended model – Ozeri Ultra 42″ Fan

If you are looking at spending a little bit extra, then the Ozeri Ultra 42″ fan may be what you want. This is also a 42″ fan, and it comes with a range of features. This fan comes with noise reduction technology, and is very quiet even on the medium and high settings. It comes with three programmable settings, designed for a range of moods such as sleeping or relaxation. This model has a 12 hour timer that can be programmed by the hour. It has a LED button on the front which displays the current room temperature and your selected settings, and this led can be dimmed during the night. The operational buttons are on the top, but the unit also comes with a long range remote. A extended base is included which allows you to adjust the height of the tower fan from 32″ to 42″. The Ozeri Ultra has a 90 degree oscillation range, which is somewhat better than the Lasko above. It comes with a one year warranty, and is undoubtedly one of the best tower fans you can currently get.
Like the Lasko above, this model has hundreds of positive reviews so it certainly looks like a good buy. You can check the current pricing and find out more about this model on the Amazon product page.

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