Black Shower Curtains

Black Shower Curtains

When you are shopping for a new shower curtain you will without doubt come across the ever popular black shower curtain. It is always a good choice, however the big question is will it work with your bathroom? There are a few different pointers you should consider before you make your purchase. Today we will be discussing a couple of these pointers, which should hopefully help you decide whether or not a black style one is ideal for your bathroom. After that we will talk about some of the other important factors to consider before choosing one. Read below to find out more.

Gloomy or Elegant? What Effect Do You Want The Curtain To Have?

The first thing to keep in mind which will hinder or help your bathroom’s look is style. If there are silver, gold or bright white fixtures in your bathroom, these will add some sparkle to the dark setting, and will work very well with the black curtain – otherwise it will end up looking a bit gloomy. Darker colors such as brown, blue or red tend to create a gloomy atmosphere, especially when combined with the black style curtain, so try to avoid this.

The effect on the room’s size is another style factor which you should consider when choosing a darker color shower curtain. As a rough guide, the black color tends to convey a impression of fullness as opposed to space, which is why you need to take care when using this color. If the space is quite cramped as it is, the black will certainly not help to make it feel bigger. The filling properties of the black color will be most beneficial to a brighter, roomier bathroom. Remember this before you make a decision.

Will The Curtain Look Tacky Or Beautiful?

Contemporary curtains are a popular black theme, and include patterns like polka dots, or floral patterns. If they fail to compliment the color scheme, they can end up looking very tacky. The most expensive black vinyl curtain will certain look out of place in a beach themed bathroom, so keep this in mind. On the other hand, a simple black dot curtain can work miracles if the bath area is colorful and roomy enough to be enhanced by the pattern.
Investing in a good quality shower curtain is a must, as black always looks best when clean. Vinyl is an excellent choice for a black style curtain, as it is much more resistant to mildew, scum and mold as opposed to the cheap plastic curtains. If you decide to go with a fabric style curtain, be sure you get a polyester one instead of plain cotton for the same reason as stated above with the vinyl.

Disposable Or Durable?

Vinyl and polyester come highly recommended for a reason – they are much more durable than the other materials used on a cheaper shower curtains. As long as you purchase your curtains from a reliable online or offline source you will be fine. Fabric is also a good choice when it comes to black and white curtains, however they do need to be machine washed which can be a bit of a pain. Remember if you come across some discount black style curtains, there is probably a reason for the cheap price – be sure to double check the material, as they could begin to rip in a few weeks, and this is something that does not go well with black at all. Amazon is a good place to look for these kinds of curtains, as many of them for sale have customer reviews, so you can see how reliable they really are. You can see what Amazon currently offer for sale over here.

Keep in mind you might not get shower curtain hooks with your new liner, so remember to double check this when making a purchase. If you remember these considerations, you should be able to find a black shower curtain that will look great in your bathroom!

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