Brass Wall Sconces

Brass Wall Sconces

Today we are going to talk about Brass wall sconces. Brass was discovered by man many thousands of years ago, and is an alloy which consists of zinc and copper. This was quite some time before the metal zinc was discovered. Melting calamine (otherwise knows as zinc ore) together with copper was how it was first made. This way of melting it allows the extracted zinc to mix with the copper. Many people confuse brass with bronze (bronze is mix of tin and copper). Brass is one of the main materials and finishes for decorations, mainly because of it’s stunning yellow golden color. It is fairly resistant to tarnishing, and is quite popular because of this.
Wall sconces were developed many years ago by primitive man who needed a way to light his home at night. Commonly a bowl with melted animal wick was used to provide light. Man discovered that it would be best higher up, so a place was normally chipped out in the wall face for it. This is how the first wall sconce was designed. The purpose of the wall sconce has not changed much over the centuries, but the designs certainly have. Due to recent fad of home improvement, wall sconces are very in fashion right now. And brass is without a doubt one of the best finishes you can buy for your sconce. With this in mind, we will look at some popular brass manufacturers below.

What are some of the best designers?

Once such premium designer is Goyal India. As the name might suggest they are based in India, and make many premium handicrafts of both glass and metal variants. They make a stunning range of intricately designed brass sconces, and their quality is second to none. Most of their collection is hand sculpted, and you can really see the excellence in their work. Each model is authentically designed with polished brass, and some models have an antique finish for that unique look. If you are in the market for a premium wall sconce, then you should definitely have a look at their product range. Their wall lamps and sconces are second to none.

World Imports provide a wide range of classic old world designs, if the standard candle sconce is not what you had in mind. If you would like a sconce with the look of a traditional candle, they offers some in their Victorian style range. These brass models come with candelabra bulbs which give the impression of tradition candles, minus the possibility of a fire hazard of wax drips. These feature graceful curved arms, with the candle-like bulbs attached to the end. They have a big range of other models, so you should have a look at these as they offer some great wall sconces.

More examples of premium sconces

Next we will talk about a product range from Hinkley Lighting, which ash the impressive Oxford Collection. In this product line up we will find the Williamsburgh sconces. These are upmarket style sconces that are very classy. This particular model features a oval shaped mount. The arms are in a curved S-Shape, which end up in a candelabra cup. The cup is contained within a honey suckle clear optic glass shade. This sconce oozes grandeur and sophistication, and would not look out of place in a presidential office or 5 star hotel lobby. It is finished with burnished brass, and is an exception example of a “no expense spared” style sconce.

If you were looking for a more contemporary look, then you might be able to find something from the Designers Fountain’s Vintage Brass Collection project. These brass models have grooves on the edge. They have a basic swing arm, and combine with a round piped shade. This traditional design was commonplace for the early 20th century styles.
If you don’t want your sconce to look too elaborate, yet still want to retain that contemporary feel, then you may find something in the Maxim Lighting range. They offer many various brass wall sconces that aren’t overly luxurious, yet retain that contemporary feel.


The sconces are well within anyone’s price range, and these products should make a fantastic addition to any home. Your local retailers should carry a few of these, and hopefully you can find some that fit your decor and style. If not, then it is certainly worth looking online to see what you can find. Amazon offer a big range of these models, and you can take a look at what they currently offer on the Amazon website.
With all this in mind choose wisely, and you will be sure to find wall sconces that will look great in your home, and will add elegance and style to your residence!

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