Breadman Bread Machine

Breadman Bread Machine

In the past decade or so, many manufacturers have released a range of bread makers on the market in order to capitalize on the new found demand to make quick and easy bread at home. Making bread at home is cheaper than buying it from the store, and it will save you the hassle of heading down there in person. So no matter whether you are looking at saving some money, or if you simply love the taste of fresh hot bread, there will be a bread maker to suit your needs and budget. You will find very cheap breadmakers and very pricey ones, and the Breadman bread maker fits somewhere between these two. This makes it quite a popular choice for many people, and today we are going to be looking at one of their more popular models to help you decide if it is a worthwhile purchase for you or not.

A look at the Breadman TR2500BC

One of the most popular Breadman models is the TR2500BC. This is a fully featured vertical style breadmaker, which can make a variety of breads and other goodies. It can make three different loaf sizes from a small (1lb) to medium (1.5)lb all the way up to a large (2lb). It may be a vertical bread maker, but the cooking tin size ensures that the loaves come out the same dimensions as a traditional bread loaf. This breadmaker uses convection cooking technology to ensure the most evenly cooked bread possible. This essentially means that there is a fan at the bottom which pushes hot air through the chamber, making sure the temperature is the same all around. A nice feature is the power backup built into the bread maker. If you have a power cut when the bread maker is in use, then the machine will store the current cooking time & settings for 7 minutes. If the power is not restored during that time however, you will need to disregard the food and restart it (unless it was on the bake phase). There are three crust settings to choose from, which includes light, medium and dark. When it comes to presets, you have 16 different options to pick from, including a custom one. There is also the ability to program in 5 of your personal favorite recipes. The dimensions of the machine aren’t too large, and the unit measures in at 18″ x 11″ x 14″ in total. The bulk of the machine is stainless steel, while the top and lid are covered in a glossy black color. The viewing window on top of the machine is a decent size, so you can make sure everything is cooking properly.

Also on the top is the dispenser, which you can add your additional ingredients such as nuts or fruit. The machine will dispense these ingredients at the appropriate cooking moment, so there is no need to do anything manually with this machine.The control panel has a silver backing, which helps the buttons to stand out. Overall the design looks very modern, and would fit well in any kitchen. The LCD on the TR2500BC is very large, and allows you to quickly and easily see what the machine is currently doing. There aren’t too many buttons to pick from, but they are pretty self explanatory. There are buttons for the crust control, the loaf size, the recipe presets, a stop/start button and a pause button. Operating the machine is very simple to do, and we are fairly confident that anyone could master the use of this machine in one or two tries. Like most modern bread makers this one comes with a delay timer, although it is a full 24 hour timer, unlike most machines which only have a 13 hour timer. Included with the machine is a nice measuring cup and spoon, a detachable power cable, a recipe book and the care manual. You can buy longer power cables if required, but the included one is a decent length already. Now lets have a look at some of the included recipe presets.

TR2500BC recipe presets

As mentioned earlier there are many different recipe presets to pick from, and we are going to talk about those now. The first one is the “White” preset. This is for breads using primarily white bread flour, although some that use a small amount of whole wheat flour might be acceptable. The second preset is “Whole Wheat Bread”, and this is for types of bread that have lots of whole wheat or rye flour, oats or bran. This mode ensures that there is a rest period before cooking begins, to make sure the ingredients soften up before the mixing process begins. The third option is the “French” preset, which is designed for lighter types of bread. This preset is designed for breads that do not have any milk, margarine or butter. The fourth option is the “Sweet” preset, which is designed for any kind of bread that includes sugar, fruit or eggs. During cooking, this mode lowers the cooking temperature to ensure the bread is not burnt or overcooked. The fifth mode is “Low carb” mode, which as the name suggest makes low carb kinds of bread. The sixth option is to make gluten free bread, which is a big plus for anyone on a gluten free diet.

The seventh preset is the “Quick bread” mode, which will make breads which use baking powder or baking soda in the recipe. This mode generally cooks the bread in around half the time, but opinions differ as to weather this kind of bread tastes better than tradition yeast bread. The eighth preset is for “Jam”, which is a common feature on bread machines these days. All you need to do is insert your raw ingredients, then you are left with a nice bit of jam after around an hour. The ninth preset is for “Dough”, which can make all kinds of dough such as for bread rolls. The dough is mixed, kneaded and then risen slightly so it is ready to go straight into the oven afterwards. The tenth preset is “Pizza dough”, which is slightly different from the “Dough” preset as it does not mix it for long and it has a shorter rise period to make the ideal pizza dough. The eleventh preset is “Rapid”, which takes off roughly an hour of cooking time when it is used to make white, wholewheat, french, or sweet bread. The resulting bread will be a bit denser than normal bread however, so make sure you keep that in mind. The twelfth cooking preset is the “Bake” mode. If you think your bread needs a bit more cooking time, then you can use this mode to give it a longer bake. This can be done in ten minute increments, and at temperatures ranging from 200F – 375F. The thirteenth setting is the “Personal” preset. We talked about this briefly earlier, and this is where you have the option to make your own recipe presets and store up to five of them. This is very handy, especially if you like your bread cooked a very specific way. Lastly we have the “Custom Program”, which allows you to alter the presets of all the recipes listed above? Think you bread needs longer cooking time on the “White” preset? No problem, simple alter the “White” presets baking time and you have your own custom designed recipe.


So those are some of the many presets you can pick from. For a breadmaker that is around the $100, the Breadman bread machine is definitely a worthwhile choice to have. It can do so much more than simply bake bread, and allows you to customize every aspect of the cooking cycle. We think it is a fine choice, and definitely a breadmaker worth looking at. It comes standard with a one year warranty. You can find out more about it over at the Amazon product page.

User manual

If you want a pdf copy of the user manual, then you can find one using this link.

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