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Are you looking at getting a larger chair and a half type recliner? These particular models can be quite difficult to find, which is why we wrote this article. These fantastic recliners are much wider than ordinary ones, allowing you to completely stretch out and relax as much as possible. Finding a decent model can be quite tricky however, so we have put together a short buyers guide below to give you a good idea of what to look for. After that we will look at what is one of the most popular over-sized recliners currently available. If you already have an idea of what you want, you can head right onto the recommended models section with this link, Otherwise keep reading below to get an idea what to look for before spending that hard earned cash.

What to look for in a recliner

Chair and a half reclinerSeeing as these larger types of recliners often cost in the range of $500+, you need to be careful that you are getting a decent product. Before you make a purchase there are a number of features you will need to think about. Knowing these features will allow you to make a good decision, so lets talk about some of them below. Now the very first part of the recliner you will need to look into is the mechanism itself. This is the unit that is responsible for the reclining of the chair, so it is very important. This unit is used day in and out, so it must be able to take a fair amount of wear and tear over the course of the years. Quality recliners often come with a steel mechanism, which is very durable. If there is any mention of plastic parts in the mechanism, we would strongly suggest you avoid that particular model. The reclining lever itself is also another item to consider. You should keep an eye out for one that is sturdy and very easy to operate.

What reclining positions does it have?

Your next choice will be what kind of positions you would like the chair to recline to. Very basic recliners will be two position ones, meaning they stand upright and then in a reclined position. Slightly better ones will offer 3 positions, and the higher quality models will offer an infinite number of positions to recline in. An infinite number of positions sounds like a fancy marketing word, but what does it really mean? The 2 or 3 position recliners operate on one motor, meaning that the legs and back both recline at the same time. That means if you want the footrest up, then the back must be lowered. An infinite recliner works off two motors, meaning the footrest and the back can be recliner or lowered independently from each other. This is a much more ideal way of adjusting the recliner to your personal comfort preferences. Obviously though the infinite position recliners will cost you a bit more, so it all depends on how much you think you will need this particular feature.

Why is the fabric important?

Maverick 550-550-00-b0The fabric of the chair should be your next point to consider. Leather is a popular choice for many people, as it looks stylish in any room and is pretty easy to clean and care for. The downside is that if you sweat a lot, you will tend to stick to the chair, which is not very pleasant if you stay in a warmer climate! Micro-suede is another popular choice on larger recliners. This kind of fabric is quite durable, and also quite breathable so it is better suited to hotter weather. On the downside though it is tougher to clean if you do spill anything on it, so once again it is all down to personal preference.
You also might want to consider some of the additional features and non essential extras that some of these chairs with. A holder on the side of the chair is a popular choice, and it allows you to keep your magazines or tv guide within reach. If you suffer from any forms of aches or pains, then perhaps a recliner with heated pads will be to your benefit. The heated pads will encourage blood flow to the area, which helps to speed up any recovery. A good feature to look for is a massage recliner. These often cost only a little more than a standard recliner, and help to sooth away your aches and pains while you are relaxing in your favorite chair.

Don’t forget the dimensions!

And finally the one thing many folks forget to check is the size! Remember to look at the dimensions before you make a purchase, to make sure it will be a good fit in your allocated space. Remember that these kinds of recliners are very large, so you must make sure you have enough room to house it comfortably!
So now that you have an idea of what kind of features you should look for, lets have a look at one of the most popular models currently on sale.

Recommended model – Hogan Zero Wall Wide Recliner

Hogan Mocha Zero ChairSince these types of chairs are quite hard to find, there aren’t that many to recommend. However one that does stand out is the Hogan  Zero Wall Wide Recliner. This model comes in a mocha or cream color, and is covered in a type of microfiber fabric. As the name suggests, this is a wall hugger recliner, and only needs a few inches space from the wall to open up. As you can see by the picture to the right, it is a very large and spacious recliner measuring in at 59″ W x 44″ D x 41″ H in total. The reclining feature is very easy to operate, which is done by the lever on the side of the chair. The reclining action is very smooth, and virtually whisper quiet. The entire unit is covered in a large amount of plush padding, to ensure the most comfortable seat possible! There is no mention of a supported weight for this particular chair, but we have seen comments of folks up to 400lb using it quite comfortably. For a chair that retails for under $600, this is a decent and affordable choice. You can take a close look at this recliner and read some of the user reviews over at Amazon.

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