Chamilia Beads

Chamilia Beads

Good day, and welcome to our site about chamilia beads. These particular beads have risen greatly in popularity in the last few years, and are now considered a very hot fashion accessory by both young and old. So what makes them so attractive, and why would you want to be seen with them on? To start off with we will be talking about what exactly they are, and then discussing the shapes and materials they come in. We will end off by talking about where you can get them, so if you arlready have an idea of what you want you can skip onto that section using this link.

What exactly are they?

Before we start, we should clear up something. Depending where you go, these beads can also be referred to as camilla beads. It is exactly the same item, only the spelling differs. In America we tend to use the term chamilia, so from now on we’ll refer to them as that.
So what are the beads made of? The term chamilia includes a wide variety of beads. Some are made of gold, silver, murano glass, mixed gold and silver, and enamel. You can find them in a variety of sizes and shapes, all designed to look marvelous on a bracelet or necklace. Depending on what type of bead you go with can be quite a decision due to the huge difference in pricing. For example the 14 carat gold beads can go for as much as $450 per bead! However you can find some cheaper deals for around $200 on those. As for something like sterling silver, you will look at paying around $20-$150 per bead depending on the quality. You can also get a combination of gold and sterling silver beads, which is considered a good compromise between the two. These range in price between $50-$200. Obviously stuff like glass or crystal works out much much cheaper, so those type of beads won’t really put a massive dent in your pocket if you are on a tight budget!

What is the best support material?

If you are making a necklace or bracelet, what type of material would suit you best? Once you have decided what length will be best for you, you are normally presented with three main choices of materials for the bracelet – leather, silver or gold. Note that these aren’t the only ones you can use, but they are three of the most popular ones. It all depends on your budget, and what type of look you are trying to achieve. You can go with a basic elastic band for a bracelet, but if you are going for something like gold beads, then why skimp on the bracelet?

What sort of shapes do you get?

The next choice is what type of shape you want to get. They come in a mind boggling array of shapes to choose from, so this could work out to be quite a tricky choice. You will find them in heart shapes, letters, and anything and everything in-between! The letters are a great choice for a birthday present as you could spell out the persons name. If you want to give a gift to a loved one, then the hearts would always be a good choice. Likewise if you want to have something with a bit more of a personal touch, then you can keep an eye out for something they like. Say your girlfriend likes dolphins or cats, you can find those beads and make them a custom bracelet that shows them how much you love them. You can also buy kits of beads that are based on themes. For example you can buy one called lucky in love. This particular one features hearts, horse shoes and four leaved clovers. These are just a few ideas to consider, but there really is a great variety to choose from so you will have to look yourself and see what you can find to suit your needs.

What’s so special about them?

Due to the price of the beads, they are considered to be quite a premium design. These are not your cheap everyday plastic beads, but each one is lovingly designed to ensure the highest quality. If you are someone who wants a special and unique product, then these beads are you. They add beauty and elegance to whoever wears them. There is nothing like showing off your custom designed jewelry to your friends and family, or giving that specially designed chamilia bracelet to a friend or significant other.

Where can you find them?

You can find them in certain shops, but they are a bit of a specialized item, so you can expect to pay a bit of a premium in these types of establishments unfortunately. We would recommend that you look for chamilia beads online first, as there are many eCommerce sites out there offering a really big variety of them at excellent prices. You are able to check prices between the different sites with ease, so this is undoubtedly the best way to get the cheapest price on them. Amazon is of course worth mentioning, as they sell a large variety. You can check out what they have to offer on the Amazon site.

Remember to take measurements first so you don’t end up ordering more than you need. Also don’t forget to look out for splitters, which allow you to separate the different variety of beads if you are putting together a bracelet or necklace that contains a multitude of them. Keep all this info and tips in mind when choosing your beads, and you will be sure to put together a stunning piece of jewelry in no time!

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