Cpap Machines For Sale

Cpap Machines For Sale

In this article we are going to be talking about sleep apnea, and sleep apnea machines. Anyone who suffers from sleep apnea will undoubtedly want some relief from this condition, and a cpap machine is the ideal solution to this problem. The continuous positive airway pressure device helps to keep your airways open, so that you remain in deep sleep for most of the night without any interruptions. This leaves you feeling fresh and ready for the day when you wake up, instead of feeling exhausted and worn out. So to begin with lets talk about what you should look for in a cpap machine, and after that we will look at some of the more affordable ones and accessories you can get. If you want to go straight to the cpap machines for sale section, you can do so over here.

What features should you look for in a cpap machine?

When it comes to picking out a cpap machine, it can be quite tricky since they come in a range of different options. One of the first and most obvious features to look at is the range of pressure the machine can deliver. Most machines deliver in the range of 5 – 20 cm of H20 pressure, which is sufficient for most sleep apnea sufferers. If you have a severe form of sleep apnea, then perhaps look for a machine that has a higher pressure count such as one that goes up to 30cm of pressure.
Next up you should consider what kind of filters (if any) you need for the machine. If you live in an area with a high pollen count, then perhaps a cpap machine with pollen filters may come in handy. As standard, most machines will come with a default filter to provide you with clean breathable air. Some of these filters are washable, and other are replaceable so make sure you know which you are getting before you put down any money.

Something else you may want to consider is to look at a machine that has some sort of alarm system built. For example if they roll over during the night and their mask comes off, the machine will beep to signal this, and you can put the mask back on. This is an all too common issue, and this simple little feature will make sure the machine is able to do its work throughout the night.
If you think you might have difficulty with getting used to forced air, then some cpap machines will feature what is called a “Ramp mode”. This slowly increases the air pressure over time, until it hits the recommended air pressure. This allows your body to slowly ease into the transition of the forced breathing, and is a much more natural way to become accustomed to the machine.

Other folks tend to get a very dry or stuffy nose when they are using a cpap machine. In order to combat this particular problem, many manufacturers have begun to include built in humidifiers in their machines. These heated humidifiers will make sure you nose does not dry out, and will keep your airways nice and clear. It should be noted that a incorrectly fitted mask can also attribute to a dry nose problem, so make sure you have a mask that fits you comfortably for the optimal result.
There are a few other little features you can keep an eye out for. One such feature is the altitude compensation mode. This is handy for anyone who travels, as the machine can detect and compensate for a loss or gain in altitude. Other machines can keep a record of statistics, so you can keep an eye on your breathing patterns. Using this data, you could potentially increase or decrease the pressure required (subject to approval from your gp first).
Above are some of the features you might want to think about before buying a cpap machine. Not all of them may be applicable to your needs, so you could potentially save a little money if you do for a less fully featured machine. Now lets have a look at where to get some affordable quality machines.

Recommended model – REmstar Pro REDS560TS

Getting hold of affordable or used cpap machines is quite a challenge, since most folks who buy them tend to use them for many years or even decades. One such place you will find them though is on Amazon, and the REmstar Pro REDS560TS is a good choice you will find on there. There are both new and used models on offer, making this an affordable choice. This particular model outputs 4-20cm of H20, making it a good choice for virtually anyone. It has a built in RAMP feature, which slowly builds up the air pressure over 45 minutes to get your body accustomed to the airflow. It comes standard with a Pollen filter, and you can also use an Ultrafine filter with this if necessary. This machine has a built in humidifier, and had C-flex to make exhaling a bit easier for some folks. The entire machine is controlled by a lcd keypad, which has lighted leds when operational. The machine comes with patient reminders, and has a auto mask off alert which you can set if necessary.
This machine also comes with sd card support. The sd card can log all your sleeping data and air pressures over several weeks, which will be very handy if you need access to this data at any point. Lastly it has altitude detection, so is a good traveling device.
At the time of writing this model had a 4.6 star user rating on Amazon, so it seems like a highly rated model. You can find out more about this particular model and read some of the user reviews on the product page.

Recommended item – CPAP Max

Something else you may want to consider is a pillow designed for cpap machines, know as the CPAP Max. If you sleep on your back you can ignore this, but these pillows make a big difference for anyone who sleeps on their side. They have indented sections for the mask to fall into, so there is no chance of it coming off your face. They force your head to remain in an upright position, so there are no problems with the mask or hose coming out of place. This is the ideal solution to many peoples pillow problems, and with a price of around $60 it is definitely worth a look. You can look at some of the many user reviews and check the current pricing over at the Amazon listing page.

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