Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Curved Shower Curtain Rod

The curved shower curtain rod was initially introduced as it was aesthetically appealing, however a much bigger benefit was found in that they allow you much more space when in the shower since the shower curtains are a bit further out of the way. By adding a curved rod to your shower or tub, you can enjoy the extra  room when you rinse, lather and repeat. Curved rods could only be found in classy resorts and hotels up until recently. In recent years they having been on the increase in domestic homes, largely to due with the fact that they are now considered to be a must have item for your bathroom. With a very small investment of money and time, you can bring the exotic feel of a pricey hotel to your home. Lets talk about some of the many benefits these rods can bring to your bathroom.

The many advantages of a curved rod

  • An increase in space – When rinsing or lathering off, you no longer have to feel the liner sticking to your arms or elbows. Up to 9″ of elbow space can be added by installing a curved shower rod. 5′ and 6′ tubs will be a standard fit, while some retailers like Signature Hardware provide a custom extension pieces and cuts if your tub or shower area is not a standard size.
  • Storage space is increased – Storage space is significantly increased by adding a double shower curtain rod. You will have an extra rod for hanging a curtain and a liner or towels, in addition to the extra elbow room. For the family where a few towel bars are not enough for everyone, this is a great feature.
  • Additional safety features – Water leakage is prevented by the curves at the corners of the shower curtain rods. Having a dry floor will mean fewer slips and accidents. Water can damage walls and floors, which is what the curved corners will help prevent.

  • Excellent savings – Retail prices range from around $35 – $75 for a curved curtain rod, which is very affordable for most people. A complete renovation of your bathroom could cost in the thousands of dollars, but the curved rod will allow you to add space to your bathroom without a complete overhaul. They are simple to install, and the rods include mounting hardware in a selection of finishes to match any décor
  • Longevity – They are made from materials which are rust free, and will last a lifetime. Some of the more popular materials include chrome, brushed nickel, stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze.
    All these materials add a stunning look and feel to your bathroom.



For starters they are much cheaper than you think. Secondly many of them will come with hookless shower curtains as an added bonus! As you can see there are many advantages to having one of these rods installed in your home. Your showers will be more relaxed, and your bathroom will have a upmarket feel thanks to this. So make the smart choice, and choose a curved shower rod for your home today!
You will find them for sale in most of the bigger home and garden stores. If you can’t find one locally, then it is definitely worth looking online to see what you can find. Amazon carry a great range of them, and you can have a go here to see what they currently offer.

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