Dewalt Radios

Dewalt Radios

Today we aim to talk about the various Dewalt branded radio models on offer, and why you should consider investing in one. We are going to look at the two main products in the Dewalt lineup, so which is better suited to your purpose? And what should you expect to pay for these types of units? Many of your out there may be wondering if a Dewalt radio is a worthwhile investment. The best way to address this is to have a quick look at the history of the company to highlight some of their achievements and developments, so you can decide for yourself. If you have no interest in this you can skip right onto the product section directly below this. Read on to find out more.

Is Dewalt a trustworthy brand?

Like his father before him, Raymond Dewalt had been working in milling and construction jobs since he had left school. The cost of hired labor was always something that bothered him, and he was always looking for ways to speed things up a bit to cut down on costs. In 1922 he was hired to work as the head of a milling company. He ran into an issue with the output of the company workforce, and since the president refused to allow any increases on the payroll, Mr Dewalt had to figure out how to increase output without increasing costs. This prompted him to design the worlds first radial saw, which did the work of four men. This invention prompted him to form his own company two years later. In 1924 DeWalt products company was formed by Raymond Dewalt. In the first year at his new company, Raymond Dewalt released his perfected radial saw, and the Dewalt Wonder Worker which was designed to simplify all sorts of woodworking jobs. This revolutionized the woodworking industry, and any company that did any sort of milling had to have one of these machines. In 1929 they moved to a much larger and more modern plant in Pennsylvania to accommodate increased product demand. In 1941 they received a number of government contracts, and embarked on a series of expansions to help meet the demand. In 1947 the reorganized and renamed the company to the Dewalt we know today. In 1953 their operation were extended into Canada under Dewalt Canada Ltd. In 1955 a further 40,000 square feet is added onto their production facility, and over the next 10 years a further 22,000 feet is added on. In 1967 they invented their bench grinder, and four years introduced their premier metal cutting machines. Over the next 20 years they added a variety of power tools to their lineup such as drills, angle grinders and sanders. In 1992 they introduced their wide range of cordless power tools designed for professional users and contractors. In 1994 they added a further 30 new cordless tools to this lineup, and further revolutionized the cordless power tool market. Up until present day they have been refining their products, and to date their current product lineup consists of over 200 electric tools, and over 850 accessories. Looking at the history of the company one can see that they are innovators, and have a very reliable reputation. So lets have a look at two of the best Dewalt units currently on offer.

Dewalt DC011 Radio

This DC011 is the second Dewalt radio charger ever released. It has been a popular unit at construction sites, and is a great product. The radio charges Dewalt batteries from 7.2-18v NiCd only, usually in under an hour. To keep the clock and memory presets saved, this unit runs off 2xAA batteries. It has a digital tuner, and allows you to save up to 8 presets. The DC011 has a aux connection at the back of the unit which allows you to connect a cd-player, or mp3 player/ipod to the unit.

The DC011 model has weatherproof speakers, although we wouldn’t recommend using it in the pouring rain! This model weighs in at 13.61 lbs which sounds like quite a bit for a radio, but remember that it is also a charger and is designed to take lots of knocks and bumps being hauled around. You can find out more about this model and see some of the many user reviews, over on the Amazon listing.

Dewalt DC012 Radio

Next up we will have a look at the DC012 unit. This is one of the latest radios released by Dewalt. This radio charger charges 7.2 – 18volt standard NiCd and lithium Dewalt batteries under an hour. At the same time it can also run off the same batteries, and be utilized as a cordless radio. This unit uses a lithium 3v battery to keep the clock and radio presets saved. The digital radio tuner allows you to save up to 15 presets. It has the option to run off a corded power cable, so this is handy if you have a power plug nearby.

The DC012 has a aux connector for your ipod or mp3player at the front of the machine, and has a special cradle on top to hold your player. The DC012 features a bass button, which allows you to control the amount of bass being played. One other difference on the DC012 is the addition of three receptacles. They provide a total of 3 amps between them. This unit weighs in at 14.1lbs which is slightly heavier than the DC011. You can get more info on this model over at the Amazon product page.

So to sum up the differences between the two radio units:
Th DC012 charges NiCd and lithium batteries, whilst the DC011 only charges NiCd.
The Dc011 has 8 radio presets and the DC012 has 15.
The DC011 has a aux connector at the back – the DC012 has one in the front along with a cradle for your mp3player/ipod.
The DC012 has a bass button.
The DC012 has three receptacles on the side.


From what we have written it seems like the DC012 is a superior product, but it all depends on your requirements. The DC012 does cost a little more, being $170 or so. The DC011 currently retails for about $120, so there is quite a big price difference between the two. We recommend you have a good look online to see what type of deals you can find between these two different models. There are hundreds of online stores offering good bargains on them, so we recommend you search online first before heading to your local diy shop. Both of these units have a three year limited warranty, so you can be sure you are getting a good reliable product. Both Dewalt radio models are a good choice, so you will be getting a great unit either way!

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