Dieters Green Tea

Dieters Green Tea

Today we will be talking about dieters green tea. Many of us out there could stand to lose a few pounds, so if you are one of these people then you should have a look at some of the great slimming teas products out there. Some of the brands have great benefits, and having a few cups a week will help you to lose weight. It doesn’t need to be a permanent fixture in your diet, more of a complimentary supplement. Many people only have a cup of tea twice or three times a week and still notice a definite improvement. So keep this in mind if you decide to try some. So does it really work, and what brands of tea are best? Find out below, or skip to the recommended brands over here.

Do they really work?

You might have heard about these kinds of slimming teas over the past few years, so is there any truth to it? Many people have heard about it, but unfortunately not many people out there have actually tried it. The good news is that you could start taking some today, and in a few weeks you should notice quite a difference. There have been claims of people losing 10 pounds over 7 days, but in truth this can only be achieved with a supplement such as colon cleansers. This isn’t to say that these kinds of diet teas don’t work – from our experience it does help you lose weight. The problem is that many people want instant results, and like any diet out there it takes a few days for the natural ingredients to start to work. If you want instant results in any diet, all we can really suggest is liposuction! There is no real shortcut to losing weight, but there are definitely ways to speed it up such as using supplements.

One of the best benefits of a slimming tea such as green tea is that it is all natural, and therefore very safe for you to take. Safety is always a concern when it comes to losing weight, so we always recommend anything that is made with all natural ingredients. All of us want to look our best, but is it worth risking your health to put some diet product in your body where you can’t even pronounce half the ingredients? This is why green tea is very highly recommended.
So what brands out there are most effective, and how often should you take them? Read below to find out more about the benefits of green tea.

Using Tea To Enhance Your Diet

Many people will wonder if drinking tea is really enough to lose weight. The answer is yes. However it can take time, and will depend how the rest of your diet is structured. If you eat a lot of junk food, and continue to do so when drinking green tea, then your weight loss will be fairly minimal to non-existent. If you do make a few small changes to your diet, such as smaller meals more frequently, or eating healthier, then your weight loss will be more noticeable. One great way we have found to enhance your green tea diet is with the addition of a colon cleansing product. This used in conjunction with a good green tea will be very effective. So why do they work so well together? The tea helps break down the food faster. The colon cleanser helps to get rid of the waste matter faster. These two work hand in hand, so this is something you should look into if you are serious about your weight loss plans.

Benefits Of Green Tea

Besides helping you to lose weight, green tea has quite a few other benefits. Some of them are listed below. One of the major benefits of green tea is that it helps to prevent and fight cancer and other diseases. The reason for this is that it contains many antioxidants. These fight off disease and keep your body healthy. These same antioxidants also affect your skin, and help to prevent wrinkles. They leave you with a smoother, healthier skin.
Another benefit is that they manage to reduce the ageing affect. A study by a Japanese university has revealed that by having a few cups of green tea a week, the ageing process can be slowed down by up to 64%! This is quite astonishing, and if you have ever wondered why people from China and Asia look so young, you might have found your answer!

Green tea, like many other teas out there contains a small amount of caffeine. This means that throughout the day you will have energy and will be able to keep going. The caffeine from the tea is much healthier than the caffeine from say cola or a energy drink, due to the fact that it doesn’t contain all the nasty artificial additives and sugar present in those. You can get decaf green tea, however due to the filtering process of removing the caffeine you tend to lose some of the nutrients in the tea. The next benefit is that it will aid in boosting your immune system. Many of us seem to get flu, or a cold every year and this is due to a weak immune system. Green tea contains a vast amount of antibacterial proteins – up to 5 times more than you would find in coffee! Likewise because of these antibacterial proteins, the tea also improves your oral health. Your tongue has less bacteria, and it will help to prevent tooth decay. So if you want to stay healthy then drink a cup of green tea a few times a week!

A few other benefits of dieters green tea include:

  • It helps to fight rheumatoid arthritis
  • Green tea helps to fight infections
  • It lowers your stress levels
  • The antioxidants help to prevent heart disease, which helps to minimize the risk of a heart attack
  • Your recovery will be sped up if you have had a heart attack
  • Inhibit atherosclerosis
  • It helps to build up your bone density
  • Your blood pressure is lowered
  • Helps to keep your kidneys flushed and clean
  • Your liver is better protected
  • You will have increased endurance
  • Less chance of getting diabetes

Looking at all the benefits listed above, it is no real wonder why green tea is so highly recommended! With all those benefits, it is a wonder why everyone isn’t drinking it.

Recommended products – Cho Yung Tea

Now we are going to be looking at a new all natural green tea called Cho Yung Tea. Over the past few years weight loss tea has gained in popularity, and with that has come a new generation of products. Cho Yung is one of the more recent releases, and there are a few things you should know about it. So is Cho Yung all claims and no action? Read below to find out more…

The first thing we should mention is that the product comes with an official “certificate of approval for health food made in China”. Basically what this means is that this tea has a proven slimming effect. Bear in mind though that this weight loss tea is designed for those who are genuinely serious about losing weight. Before you jump in though, you must read some of the facts and details below.
First and foremost like virtually every product out there, Cho Yung is not a miracle cure that will make you lose weight in a day! It is a product that will help you lose weight, but you will not see the effects overnight. There is no product out there that can do this, but Cho Yung is certainly worth looking at. You can lose weight, but you will need a bit of patience to start seeing the effects.

The great advantage of using Cho Yung though is that it is completely natural and safe, and doesn’t involve putting any strange chemicals into your body. It tastes great, and is without a doubt the easiest way to lose weight. As a general warning to those of you who think you can carry on eating junk food all day, and still lose weight by drinking green tea – you are wasting your time! From Our tests, within a week our test subjects had started to lose weight. There are a few ways you can help to speed things up though:

  • The benefits of the dieters green tea will be enhanced if you do a bit of light exercise
  • Smaller more frequent meals are recommended. Most of us have 3 standard meals a day, but 5 small meals a day will ensure that your body digests the food properly.
  • Try to eat healthier foods like vegetables, fish and fruit when possible

Now we don’t mean a complete overhaul of your diet to achieve the best weight loss, but try to improve it little by little, and you should see great results in no time. We did see some results from only drinking 2 cups of tea a day, but there was a definite improvement once our test subjects started doing the tips listed above. However the best weight loss results were with the aid of a supplemental colon cleanse product. The tea speeds up your metabolism, and the colon cleanse helps to clear out the waste product so they work surprisingly well together. Most decent colon cleansers are natural products which is why we are recommending them.

In summary, Cho Yung is a great product that will help you lose weight, as long as you are also willing to put some effort in. We saw results after around a week or so, and the results were greatly improved by supplementing the tea with colon cleansing. If you want a easy way to lose weight, Cho Yung is definitely worth a look! You can find out more about it over on the Amazon product page.

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