Dog Grooming Brushes

Dog Grooming Brushes

When searching for dog grooming brushes, you will find that they are available in many sizes and shapes. Often what type of brush you need to buy will be determined by what breed of dog you have. The circulation is helped, and the natural oil in your dogs skin is stimulated every time you brush your dog. Both short and long haired dogs need to be groomed, so a brush will be an essential part of your grooming kit and supplies, regardless of what dog you have. To help you, many of the models have ergonomic handles as giving your dog a good groom can take a few minutes. Price wise they don’t cost very much, and every dog owner should have one. Below we will look at some of the different types of brushes you can buy for your dogs.

The Bristle Style Brushes

If you have a short haired dog, then you will probably be best buying a softer bristle brush. These grooming brushes improve circulation while stimulating the skin, and remove any dirt and loose fur. You can find these brushes in the double sided variety – where one side has pins, and the other has bristles. You can also buy them in the single sided variety which only has bristles.

In terms of effectiveness the double sided brushes are better, as you can swap between the brushing modes which gives a better overall groom. Another option is the grooming glove. These are better for short haired dogs as they can’t give an effective groom on breeds with long hair. These models are very cheap, often selling for under $10.

The Ionizing Brushes

We all love our dogs, but from time to time their hair can get matted, and with it comes a nasty odour. Ionizing brushes are the best solution to this. The primary function of these brushes is to keep your dog’s hair tidy. However at the same time it spreads activated oxygen and ionized air which improves the hair growth and helps to get rid of bad odours.

This is the best way to naturally get rid of bad odours. 99% of all dogs hate having a bath, and these ionizing brushes ensures that you do not have to bath your dog as often to keep him clean. This will keep your dog happier as the stress inducing bathes can be kept to a minimum. Some of these models can be bought for as little as $25, which is not that pricey considering the benefits they bring.

The Slicker Style Brushes

Many dogs, although having a shorter coat of hair will shed fur throughout the year. A Labrador is a good example of this – they shed a lot of hair even though they only have a short coat. Brushing with soft pinned slicker dog brush is best for these types of dogs, as it will manage to get out the loose hairs in the undercoat region. If you have a dog with long hair and an undercoat that tends to tangle, then you need to buy one of the slicker brushes with medium pins. These pins are longer and stronger, and will do a much better job of getting the hair out.
If your dog doesn’t have much of an undercoat and has longer hair, then you will need to think about whether shorter or medium pins will be best. Your goal with this type of coat is to keep on top of the fur matting, and bristle style brushes or the standard pin ones won’t be able to do this.

Should you have a breed like a Siberian Husky or a similar one with a big and thick coat, large slicker brushes with medium pins is a good way to keep their coat in good condition. To compliment the brush, you will need a rake, or a shedding blade. You need either of these tools to be able to draw the deep clumps of fur out. A few times a year the dog will shed it’s coat, and this is where the rake or shedding tool will come in handy.
Care must be taken not to hurt the dog when you are using the brushes or combs. You may need to press quite hard when using the slick brushes on a thick haired dog, while you can be fairly gentle when using them with a short haired dog. Be careful that you do not scratch their skin though, as this can lead to an infection.

Where can you get them?

You should be able to find a good variety of brushes in your local pet store, and in most of the bigger retailers. If you are struggling to find something decent locally, then we recommend having a look online. Amazon have a big range of affordable brushes, and you can see their current best selling dog brushes right here.
Every dog out there needs to be groomed, regardless of how often it sheds its coat a year. You need to invest in suitable dog grooming brushes, so make sure you get the right one, and your dog will thank you for it!

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