Dog Grooming Clippers

Dog Grooming Clippers

For all the dog lovers out there, there is one essential tool you must have – dog grooming clippers. There is no question about this, especially if you groom your dog at home. So if you are looking for some clippers there are several things you need to consider. Do you have any idea which kind of clippers you wish to purchase? And more importantly, what should you look out for when choosing a clipper set for your pet? Below we have detailed some of the more important things to look out for and think about before buying one. Keep reading to find out more.

What should you look out for in a pair of clippers?

There are many different makes and models out there of grooming clippers that will give your dog a great look. In fact there are so many choices that it could get quite confusing. With this in mind, it would help greatly if you had an idea of the benefits that some of the various clipper types might bring to your pet. If your pet has quite a thick coat, then you need to look out for a more heavy duty trimmer. This is to ensure that the motor does not burn out, and that it can provide a smooth stress free cut for your pet. Most pet clippers are designed to be as quiet as possible, so they do not alarm your dog while you are trimming. Many clippers will be able to cut through matted and knotted fur with ease. Be careful with some of the lower range clippers, as they will definitely struggle with this task. Make sure you know what clippers are designed for which type of job, as this will make it easier to find a suitable one for your pet. This will save you both time and money.

What price can you expect to pay?

The next thing you should take into consideration is the price. With so many different brands and models, we must be more careful than ever with our hard earned money. How often you intend to use the tool should give a a good indication of what to spend. If you plan of trimming only once a month, then a average style clipper should be fine for you. These kinds of models generally cost around $30 or so. If you run a grooming business and your clipper will be in use everyday, you need to invest in one of the more premium models to make sure you are not let down. These can range in price from about $50 all the way up to $150. We should also mention that you can get cordless models which are great for those groomers out there need ultimate convenience. Often with wired clippers, you will struggle to get the power cord out of the way when you are trying to trim. In addition to this, you can only trim your dog if there is a power plug nearby. These particular models run off batteries, so there is no need to worry about the power cable. Also if you dog loves to run about and struggle when you try to trim him, then these will be a much needed accessory for you. However they can often be underpowered compared to wired clippers, so that is the disadvantage. Below we will take a look at some of the more popular clippers and attachments.

Popular models – Wahl U-Clip Deluxe Clippers

First up we will look at the Wahl Professional Deluxe U-Clipper Set. The main feature of this set of clippers is the super shunt motor, which gives a lot of power while still remaining fairly quiet. For sensitive bits, including feet and tail, this clipper is ideal. It features a variety of different length blades, allowing you to get a quick and easy cut. It comes as part of a 16 part set, and comes with a decent 2 year warranty.
One particular accessory to consider for this is the Vacuum Clipper System attachment, which claims to work on all clippers. If you are concerned with hygiene, then this will be one of the better choices for you. It will get rid of dandruff, and animal fur with it’s clip on vacuum. If you have an allergy to animals fur, then this is a very wise choice. It will suck up all the fur and dandruff as you clip, and is highly recommended.
With a retail price of under $40, this clipper is a great choice. You can get more info on this model and read some of the thousands of user reviews over on the Amazon product page.

Popular models – Andis Super 2-Speed Clippers

Finally we come to the Andis Super 2-speed professional clippers. If you want something that is quiet and almost maintenance free, then this may be a good choice for you. This model is more geared towards professional use, which is reflected in the price which is around $150.

It has a heavy duty blade, that has a super quiet motor which means less stress for your dog. This model is suitable for all coats, whereas the Wahl above is only for medium to fine coats. If you are looking for a high quality model, this one is a good choice. You can get more info on this model over at the Amazon page.


Above we have listed some of the more popular trimmers and dog grooming clippers you can use on your dogs. No matter whether you choose a popular model or not, you must still consider some of the tips listed above. When you decide to buy clippers, make sure it is the right model, and at the right price. A bad quality clipper can destroy your pets fur, and your confidence in grooming. So choose your grooming clippers well and you will save a ton of cash, and will end up with a very happy pet!

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