Dog Grooming Scissors

Dog Grooming Scissors

If you have a dog, the odds are good that you will need a special pair of dog grooming scissors. Many people require the scissors to trim the tail, nose or face of the dog. Some people prefer to trim the entire dog with scissors instead of clippers. This is a very good choice if you have a dog who is frightened of clippers. More than often many people will have a pair of scissors solely for the purpose of getting rid of knots and matted hair. This occurs most often in long haired dogs, and is unavoidable. If you do not wish to trim the entire coat, you will find the scissors are great for removing the matted bits. Below we will talk about two of the more common scissor types you can find.

The Straight Edge Type Of Scissors

You will find that there are many varieties of these particular scissors out there. They come in lots of different types and lengths. Most are geared more towards the professional groomers, and people who show dogs. These people will need a arsenal of pet scissors to achieve different looks and cuts. For the average Joe, one pair of shears should be enough for all the grooming needs. As the name might imply, these scissors cut a straight edge. If you trim a section, you will see a definitive line where you have cut.
Generally it is not advisable to try to trim the coat of the dog with these straight style scissors, unless you know what you are doing. They can easily leave a very uneven look. For the most part they should be used to trim small areas, and to get rid matted hair. Some of these particular models will come with a knob on the end of the blades. This prevents you from cutting your dog if you accidentally come into contact with the skin, as these scissors are very sharp.
If you want to trim the tail, or around the paws then these are great. If you want to cut hair away from the eyes, or trim round the ears then these scissors will be best.
If you have any long haired dog, then these scissors should be an essential part of your grooming kit.

The Thinning Style Of Scissors

If you want to give your dog a more natural look, you should invest in a pair of thinning scissors. These are perfect for areas that don’t need to be straightened, such as the muzzle. Other good areas to use them on are on the legs, or at the back end of the dog. They can also work quite nicely on the tail which can be difficult to trim. For areas like the paws, it would be better to trim with the straight scissors. Once again these thinning scissors are very good for any type of long haired breed, especially those with thick hair that could use a bit of thinning.

You will find other varieties of grooming scissors out there, but these are more geared towards professional groomers. As an example, you often see poodles with a knot at the top of their head. To achieve this you would need curved scissors. They would provide a rounded and even look for the knot. Other scissors include nose and ear models, designed particularly for trimming those areas. These are good for professionals, but not really recommended or necessary for the average users.

What Is The Best Way To Hold The Scissors?

Holding the scissors correctly is quite important when grooming your dog. Ideally you would want to hold them using your ring finger and thumb. This ensures that you won’t slip when grooming, and gives you a steady support base. These scissors are designed to be much sharper than normal scissors to cut through matted fur, so you need to be extra careful when cutting with them to avoid hurting your dog.

What Maintenance Is Required?

With the price in mind, if you spend a decent amount of money grooming scissors they should last you for many years. They will get dull if they are used often, and will need to be sharpened. You can sharpen them with a standard sharpening block, or get a professional sharper to do it. You should also oil them once in a while to ensure they operate smoothly. Aside from that there isn’t much you need to do to them to keep them in good shape.


So that is a look at some of the different types of scissors available. Your local pet store should keep a few models in stock, otherwise you can always have a look online if you can’t find anything suitable locally. Amazon has a huge range of dog grooming scissors, and you can see what they currently sell over on their website.
With all this in mind, choose wisely, and you will be sure to find a pair of grooming scissors that will leave you and your dog happy!

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