Electric Beard Trimmers

Electric Beard Trimmers

Today we will be talking about the electric beard trimmer. In recent years, there has been a massive revival and interest in facial hair. What moustache or beard you can grow will depend on the way your facial hair grows, the shape of your face, and even your personality. Keeping a neat look is especially important if you have strict work requirements, or a fussy partner! A beard trimmer is the best way to maintain your facial hair, no matter what your look and style is. It will keep you looking neat, and will give you a great shave in no time.

Most men will start growing facial hair once they hit puberty, although this can vary from man to man. How much facial hair you can grow boils down to your genetics. Some men are very hairy, and some are very smooth, and there is no real way to change that. Facial hair is often the fastest growing hair on your body, so you need a tool that can keep you looking your best with the least fuss. This is where an electric style beard trimmer comes in, and which model you choose will depend on what type of facial hair you have.

What are some of the advantages of an electric trimmer?

Many men will find that maintaining a beard is a very tedious and boring task if you rely on the old method of using scissors and a razor. You need to have absolute precision, or you risk losing part of your beard every time you try to neaten it. With the introduction of the electric trimmer, this task has been made incredibly simple.

This amazing tool has many advantages, some of which include a memory function which will memorize your length and speed settings so you can turn it on, and it will instantly be set to exactly how you trim your beard. Your daily trimming routine can be sped up immensely by the use of this simple feature. When looking at an electric clippers, there are several factors and features you should look for and take into consideration:

What should you look for?

  • It should be simple to operate, have a few different attachments, and have simple manoeuvrability.
  • It must be able to trim your current beard length (many will have an adjustable lever to create different lengths). This ensures your facial hair is trimmed easily, and to the correct length.
  • The shaver must not leave a big mess of hair. Some pricier models have a vacuum attachment which keeps messiness to a minimum.
  • It should be affordable.
  • It needs to be well built and reliable.

What additional features should you consider?

In addition to the above features, there may be others that will appeal to different individuals. Some can be used when you are showering, and certain models can also be used to trim the hair on your head, or other areas of your body. Most will come standard with steel blades, however you have find some foil style ones for men who have very sensitive skin. In addition you will normally get several attachments with your trimmer, such as a comb, charging dock, storage bag, spare batteries, and cleaning oil. You will find that there are quite a few popular manufacturers of the electric trimmers. These brands have a unmatched reputation, and have been selected due to many consumer studies, reviews and comments. Included on this list are Wahl, Remington, Conair, Norelco and Phillips. These are some of the good trimmer manufacturers to look out for if you plan to buy a trimmer.

After you have purchased your trimmer, you need to read the instruction manual first so you can learn how best to use it. Some models come with instructional how to dvd’s which are very handy if you are not quite sure how to do it. As a general rule, you should start around the ear, and shave down to your chin, then swap to the other side of your face. This is a very rough and simple guideline though, and will vary depending on your facial shape and hair density. It will probably take a few tries before you perfect your new technique, so don’t despair if you get it wrong the first few times – this is perfectly normal.

Where can you get them?

Beard trimmers are sold virtually everywhere, so finding them will not be hard in many of the bigger shops. If you are looking for a specialised model though, you may have a bit of a harder time. In this case you may need to look online to track it down. As always we recommend reading some reviews of any particular models you are interested in. Amazon is a great source for this, and is also a good place to start your search if you aren’t looking for a particular model. You can see what models they currently offer over here.
So keep all this points in mind when looking at an electric beard trimmer. A badly trimmed beard can make or break your look, so make sure you have the right tool to keep it looking great.

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