Emerson Karambits

Emerson Karambits

When it comes to Karambit knives, Emerson are one of the top manufacturers in the world. There are several reasons for that, and to give you an idea of why this is we will start off by having a brief look at the company itself. This will give you an idea of what kind effort goes into the manufacturing of these knives. After that we will be looking at some of their most popular models, and you can skip right to that section over here. Otherwise keep on reading to find out a little about the company.

A brief history of Emerson

Emerson as a company was founded all the way back in 1979 by Ernest Emerson. The company was founded as the result of there being a lack of high quality knives being available on the market, and Ernest was a master craftsman who decided to see if there was a demand for high caliber hard use knives. Starting with only one or two models, the popularity of these soon took off and the company expanded greatly over the next few decades. The company was officially renamed to Emerson Knives in 1996. These days they offer a massive range of knives to choose from, including around 7 or 8 in the Karambit range of knives. They also manufacture other types of gear, including clothing and hunting accessories. Now you may be wondering what sets Emerson apart from some of the many other Karambit knives you will find on the market, and the answer lies in the manufacturing process. Whereas almost all other brand name knives are mass produced, all the Emerson models are crafted and built by hand. All the items are assembled and built by a small team of individuals, which means that individual attention is given to each particular knife that is being made.

How do they make the knives?

The company will spend several days to a week or two making a batch of knives, then moving onto the next design. For this very reason, they are often out of stock of certain knives due to the small quantities being made. On the plus side though, you will receive a knife that has been professionally made, and not simply the end product of a production line. For this very reason you will get a limited lifetime warranty with your knife,which you certainly won’t find on a cheaper model. Ernest Emerson has been very vocal about mass production in the past, and has refused to bow to pressure to mass market his knives. The main reason for this is quality control, as everyone on the Emerson team is renowned for paying meticulous attention to detail. When you buy an Emerson Karambit, you are buying a quality American made knife. Emerson can also make custom made Karambits, but the wait times are often several months to even years due to the big backlog of knives on order. Like most things in life, you will need to pay a little extra for the privilege of owning an Emerson knife, but with the care and attention to detail that goes into these knives, we think that is is definitely worth the extra investment. Now lets have a look at some of the Karambit models they currently offer.

Popular models – Emerson Combat Karambit

One of the most popular Karambits that Emerson makes is the Combat Karamit. This is a folding karambit, that can be opened with one hand if necessary thanks to the Wave feature. The handle of the knife is ergonomically designed to be used in both forward and reverse grips positions. The blade is made out of 154cm steel, and the advantage of this is that it can be sharpened using a variety of different surfaces. The handle of this knife is 4.65″ in length, and the blade is 2.6″ in length. The handle is made out of black epoxy with a glass laminate called G10, which provides a light yet tough finish. Also included is a pocket clip, allowing for easy access to the knife. The retail price of this particular knife is around $275, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Popular models – Emerson Super Karambit

If you are looking for something with a slightly longer blade, then the Emerson Super Karambit may be what you are after. This model has a slightly longer blade than the Combat model above, and the blade measures in at 3.4″ in length. The blade is made out of 154cm steel, and is stonewashed. It has several features in common with the Combat Karamit, such as the Wave easy open system, and the G10 handle. The grip is also designed for forwards or reverse usage, and it has a clip at the back for easy deployment. There are three color choices in this product range, black and safety orange. There are two black models, one with a black handle and a black blade, and another with a black handle and a stainless steel blade. The safety orange is a bright orange color, and it certainly looks fantastic, while setting itself apart from the standard design. The retail price of the black model is $308, while the orange model retails for $10 more at $318.

Popular models – Emerson Bullnose Karambit

If you don’t like the idea of a curved blade, then the Emerson Bullnose Karambit could be what you want. This model comes in two choices of a black blade and stainless steel one (both have black handles). The blade design is based around the claw of a tiger, a design which really needs no explanation. As usual, this model has the easy to use Wave opening technology, and the G10 handle. The handle length is 4.2″ in length, and the blade length is 2.6″. The handle can be used in both forward and reverse positions, and this model comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is a little more compact than the above two models we have looked at, but it certainly is just as good as the others. This model retails for around $270.


So there you have some of the more popular Emerson Karambits currently available. All of those models are fine choices, and will serve you well for many years if you keep them in good condition. Remember that there is a limited lifetime warranty with all their models, so they will last you for many years, even decades if they ever need replacement. They may cost a little more than a traditional folding knife, but the outstanding quality and workmanship on these knives really set them apart from the competition.

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