Facial Hair Trimmers

Facial Hair Trimmers

If you are in the market for a facial hair trimmer, there are many different factors you need to consider. The first thing you should do is look for a reputable brand. With models available from $10, you need to be sure you are getting something that won’t break after more than one use. You will find a trimmer out there to match any budget, as there are so many varied brands and models out there. You will find the models will vary depending on what shaving style you want it for – wet or dry. Some offer multi-functionality for wet and dry styles. Below we will take a look at some popular trimmer models.

Wahl Groomsman

The first one we will look at is the Wahl Groomsman 9918-6171 model. With a price tag of under $20, it should be affordable for anyone, and has received many outstanding reviews. This would undoubtedly make an excellent gift or present as it offers outstanding value for money! This would be perfect for any man, no matter if he wants to keep his current beard trimmed, or if he wants to experiment with a new facial hair style such as a moustache. This trimmer can handle both with ease. For a close shave, even in awkward positions, it features six different shaving precisions with stainless steel blades. For the majority of men, facial hair grows very fast, so this could also make a perfect addition to your office as it is fairly small and portable. It makes hair removal a breeze! This would be perfect for those men who have big clients to impress all day, so it would keep you looking your best.
With a 2 year warranty, the Wahl Groomsman is a good investment. It can be used with the battery, or off the mains. Having read quite a few reviews of this product, the general consensus is that you could get a very good close shave with it. It is one the best sellers for a reason. The only minor complaint with this product is that the attachments are a little bit awkward to get off. But for $20, this is a very minor thing to consider. If you keep your facial hair at a particular length, then you don’t really need to worry about the attachments anyway. You can read some of the happy user reviews over at the listing page.

Andis T Professional T

Many men suffer from irritation after shaving, and if you are one of them, then the Andis Professional 04710 T-outliner might be just what you need. Reviews of this trimmer product indicate that with men with sensitive skin are very pleased with it. Even though it gives a really close shave, there was none of the annoying skin irritation that came with it. If you want baby smooth skin, then your next best option is a razor, which not many of us like. The Andis trimmer is the next best thing. Like the Wahl,

The Andis can be plugged into the mains, or run off the batteries. Average ratings for this hair trimmer is 4.3/5 stars which is very impressive. It does cost quite a bit more than the Wahl above, but it is great for precise cuts. You can get more info on this model over at the Amazon listing page.

Remington MB320C

Next we will have a look at the Remington MB320C. This is yet another good trimmer that has received many impressive reviews and ratings. It offers up to 40 minutes of shaving time, which means it doesn’t need to be recharged too often. This would be perfect if you are travelling as you don’t need to worry about constantly charging it. It offers many other great benefits. If you need precision, it comes with a pop-out trimmer for your moustache, beard and sideburns. Like most Remington products, you will get a decent 2 year warranty. Remington is a fine example of a company that stands behind their products, so you know you are getting a reliable product. Like every trimmer out there, you must oil the blade every once in a while to make sure the blade stays in top shape. You have many different lengths and styles to choose from, as this model comes complete with 9 different trimming attachments attachments.

Norelco T980

And lastly we feel the Norelco T980 also deserves a mention. Norelco is a brand owned by Philips, so you can be sure of getting a good quality product. Besides being very reasonably priced, the Norelco T980 is another good value choice for anyone. It retails for around the $40 price range, and comes with all the standard features at a good price. The main benefit of this model is that it comes with a built in vacuum which catches all the cut hair.

This makes the entire shaving process a bit easier, and there is no need to worry about cleaning up when you are done. At the time of writing, this model had a 4 star user rating on Amazon. You can get more info on this model and read some of the many user reviews over at the Amazon product listing.


As with every trimmer out there, you need to treat your trimmer with care and it will last you for many years. Make sure it is stored in a proper place when it is not in use. Try to keep it dust free, or in its pouch if it came supplied with one. You must always clean it after every shave, and be sure that it is dry before you put it away so that it doesn’t start to rust. With all this in mind, you can be sure of finding a facial hair trimmer that will last you for many years to come!

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