Fingerless Leather Gloves

Fingerless Leather Gloves

If someone were to say the phrase fingerless leather gloves you might think about heavily tattooed bikers dressed head to toe in leather, but this is only partially true. Yes they do wear these kinds of gloves, but so do many other types of people for very different reasons! They are perfect for anyone who wants to have great manoeuvrability with their fingers whilst keeping their hands warm. So who else out there makes use of the fingerless style gloves besides the bikers? They are quite popular among car drivers, golfers, skateboarders, weight lifters, hunters, mountain bikers, mechanics, horse riders and dog walkers. This is just a small example of the type of people who enjoy the benefit of owning the gloves. With such a multitude of uses, you might realize that they can be a great gift for many people out there. Below we will be discussing some of the advantages and types of gloves out there.

What colors do they come in?

First we will talk about the variety of colors out there. Black is undoubtedly the most popular color, but besides that there are quite a few other color varieties out there. For the golfers white lace gloves are always a popular choice. Most golf attire involves white, so this ensures you always look your best on the greens! Other popular choices involve blue, purple, red, pink and green. Due to the growing demand for them, they are now available in virtually any color you might want. In addition to choosing the color, you also have a choice of patterns. Most fingerless kinds are plain with no designs, but others can have fancy patterns on them, so if you want a really stylish pair look for a patterned set. These are normally sown into the top of the gloves and are quite popular with bikers! Besides being available in mens sizes, you can also find them designed specifically for women and children. This is great especially if you want to buy a matching pair for your loved one, or your entire family!

What can you expect to pay for them?

Price wise a typical set of fingerless gloves will set you back about $15. This is very affordable, and will provide you with good protection. If you are after a quality set you would pay around $25, but bear in mind that this should last you a good few years before you would need another pair. The designer pairs can cost up to $150, although this is quite a big amount to spend on gloves. The top designer gloves are normally made out of deer hide, as this is very strong and durable. The average pair of fingerless leather gloves will be made out of cow skin, which will still last for a few years. With this type of product life in mind you can see that it is quite a small price to pay for such good protection against the elements.

Most of the fingerless kind of gloves will offer some sort of palm protection, and have holes in the knuckle region to offer a bit of ventilation. Most will have a non slide on the palms to ensure good grip with whatever you are doing. They are designed to offer you maximum protection, while still offering a big degree of dexterity. Most pairs out there use velcro to keep the glove on your hand, while other models use poppers to keep them in place. Others use an elasticated style wrist to maximize contact. It all depends on what your personal preference and requirements are.

So where can you get them?

So where can you buy the gloves? You can find them at many retail outlets, but the best choice would be to look on the internet. There are thousands of sites out there offering great deals on gloves, and you can be sure to find many bargains there. In addition you can also read reviews of the product left by other customers, so you have an idea if the product is any good or not. Amazon is probably the first website that springs to mind, and you can see their current product range on their website.

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