Fleece Lined Pants

Fleece Lined Pants

In the article we are going to be talking about pants made from fleece. These are both warm and very comfy, so are a choice of many people in the colder weather. Our aim is to give you the info you need to make the best choice when choosing the pants you require. For those of you who don’t know much about fleece, we will be talking about the material itself first, then discussing some of the differences between the various kinds of fleece you can get. If you simply want to know where you can get hold of them, click here to skip to that section.

What exactly is fleece?

Many of you out there may have heard the term fleece before, but aren’t actually sure what it is. If you already know this, you can skip onto the next section of this page. For those of you who don’t know, we will try to sum it up for you.
There are two major types of fabrics used is most pants. Fleece (otherwise known as wool), and cotton. Cotton is the preferred choice for summertime as it is very breathable, which means it doesn’t retain that much heat. This is great for summer activities, and you will normally find cotton pants in many different colors to match the vibrant weather.
Fleece on the other hand is almost the complete opposite of this. Fleece as a fabric which is much more dense, which means it retains much more heat. Thanks to the great insulation that the fabric provides, fleece lined pants or jackets are very popular when winter comes around. Fleece is obtained in two ways. The traditional way is to obtain it from animals like sheep or goat. In recent years however, scientists have all but perfected a synthetic form of fleece which is supposedly stronger and lighter than actual fleece. Polyethylene is the name of the synthetic fibers used to create this type of fleece, and due to the large diversity of this type of fabric, it is also used to make blankets, gloves and baby clothes. It really is a miracle fabric, and is an amazing invention.

Which kind of fleece is the best choice?

So what is the best choice of fleece for fleece pants? According to most people, the difference between synthetic and traditional fleece is negligible. The insulation and comfort levels are more or less the same, so there is no noticeable difference. With that in mind, is there a big difference in price? For the most part traditional fleece is a little more expensive since it is a bit harder to obtain, so most of the cheaper fleece items you find in shop will more than likely be of the synthetic variety. Is this a bad thing? Well since there aren’t really any noticeable differences between the two, we would say no. The difficult part comes in identifying which type is which, since most manufacturers don’t actually specify this on the product labels. The synthetic type is designed to be identical to the traditional variety, so telling them apart becomes almost impossible. The best bet is to research the brand name online and find out which type of fleece they use. For most people this isn’t a big issue though as they both perform the same job.
Another benefit of fleece is that it doesn’t retain water very well, so unlike traditional cotton pants if you get a bit of water or rain on them it doesn’t really soak into the fabric. This is great, especially in winter time when you don’t want you body exposed to the harsh elements. Most of the fleece pants have a drawstring at the top which allows you to keep them nice and tight for heat retention. Due to the tightness of the fabric the pants won’t be too flexible, but they still remain the top choice for athletes who train in colder conditions.

Where can you buy them?

They are available in many clothing shops, so finding them shouldn’t really be a big issue. If you have an idea what size waist and leg you need, then you can also have a look online to find your ideal pair. There are many different retailers offering good deals on them, so you can be sure of finding a good deal online. Of course Amazon is worth a mention here, as they sell loads of different fleece products, and you get the benefit of reading the user ratings before making a purchase. You can go here to have a look at their product range.

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