Free Standing Towel Racks

Free Standing Towel Racks

In this article we will be talking about a popular item for your bathroom or kitchen known as the free standing towel rack. This is a very handy item to have if you are short of space in either of those rooms, and need a quick and cheap solution to that problem. We will be discussing some of the major advantages of the towel racks, and some of the more popular designs you should look out for when making your purchase. We will also talk about what materials they come in, and what you can expect to pay for one. Read on below to find out more.

What are some of the major benefits?

It isn’t uncommon for homes to suffer from a serious lack of space, especially in the bathroom and kitchen areas. Many homes won’t have a rack for towels in the kitchen or bath room, which can be a big nuisance especially if you have a large family and have nowhere to hang up the towels! This can get very annoying and means the towels don’t dry properly, and thus in turn end up growing mildew if not aired enough. So how do you fix this problem? You have two options – a free standing rack or a wall mounted one.
You can attempt to install a conventional wall mounted rack yourself. To do this you need to have some diy experience as it involves drilling the rack into the wall, and carries the risk of damaging your interior if not done correctly. A simpler choice is to buy a free standing model.

A free standing model is certainly easier to install, but does it have any other benefits? It does, and one of the main ones is portability. If you are having guests over, and you don’t want your rack on display, you can easily move it to another room. Most free standing models look great though, so this isn’t something you should have to do! Another issue to think about in regards to portability is the location. Many of us do not have an area next to our shower or bath to actually fit a traditional towel rack. This is where a free standing rack could come in, as it doesn’t take up much room, and can be moved around the area as and when required.
Another benefit is the amount of racks a free standing model has. Traditional towel racks have around two or three racks to hang your towels on. A standing rack can have up to five, which is great for those folks with a big family.

An additional feature you will find in certain models is the warm-rails function, otherwise known as a heated towel warmer. This means that the towel rack heats up, and your towel will dry quicker thanks to the towel warmer. These particular types of models are a bit more expensive, but are great if you share a towel with someone and need it to dry as fast as possible.

What materials and designs are they available in?

You might be wondering now if a free standing model will work in your home. Due to the massive popularity of the item in recent years, they now come in hundreds of different shapes and materials to suit virtually every home out there. As a rough guide, most models are about four feet high, and feature a weighted base to keep the stand stable even with the heaviest of towels on it.
Most free standing models feature simple towel bars to hold the towels, while other towel racks have a tree like design where the hooks branch out like tree branches to hold the towels. In general the standard style will fit in quite nicely with most homes, and the tree branch type models will work very well in a art deco or modern themed residence.
As far as materials go, there are a few different kinds out there to choose from. By far the most popular model is the chrome / stainless steel one. This type of material is the most common in standing models, but it doesn’t mean it is the only one. Another popular material is wrought iron. This can work very nicely in traditional homes, but it is a little bit on the expensive side for most people.
Wood is yet another choice, but this variant is often only available in the “tree branch” style of racks. Brass, bronze and satin nickel are other good choices, but they do cost more than the standard ones.
Naturally you won’t find any heated wooden racks or wrought iron ones, so if you do want a heated free standing towel rack then chrome is your only choice unfortunately.

Some models even incorporate other features, such as a built in shelf. This can be very handy if you need a little bit of additional space for any other items in the vicinity. This could house anything from magazines to read to a shower cap.

What should you expect to pay for them?

The towel racks vary quite a bit depending on what features and material you are after. If you aren’t looking at spending too much, you could probably find a nice wooden or steel towel rack for around $30 or so. If you want something a bit more classy then you might expect to pay around $80 for a wrought iron model. Generally you should expect to spend in the region of $50 for a quality model. You can find these models in most bigger retailers, so that is where you should start your search. Otherwise looking online is another option, as you can find many models for sale at good prices. Amazon is a good place to take a look for one, as they offer many different models. You can take a look at their current product range on their website.

A standing rack is a great space saver, and will save your sanity while making keeping your kitchen and bathroom tidy!

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