Full Length Wall Mirrors

Full Length Wall Mirrors

In most cases, full length wall mirrors are bought so you can see the full reflection of yourself. These particular types of wall mirrors are designed so that you can hang them very easily on your wall. In many other instances they are also used by interior decorators to create an illusion of space inside an area. They are also bought for their pleasing aesthetics, many of which feature eye catching etched designs. In this article we are going to be talking about some of the many different sizes and types you can get, and where you can buy them.

A Quick History Lesson

In older days such as the industrial era, most people used hand held decorative mirrors to fulfil their grooming needs. These mirrors are now very hard to find and feature intricate designs, and such antique mirrors are generally highly sought after by collectors. There were full length mirrors that existed during these time periods, but these kinds of mirrors were often only affordable for the wealthy.

These dressing mirrors are very popular for their aesthetic value, as well as their intricate designs and details. You can sometimes find antique mirrors like these on auctions sites such as ebay. They do come at an expensive price though. Thankfully today these fuller length mirrors are mass produced, so are often very cheap and fairly widely available.


Shape And Sizing

Generally the shape of the mirror will be horizontal or vertical, with the vertical style being the most popular. The wall mirrors are also sold in varying sizes depending on what you need to do with it, for example they come in sizes for putting on makeup, sizes for a shower, and the size for a dressing room. The coating and selection all comes down to the purpose of use, and the wall type it will go on. Some popular materials for full length mirrors include copper, aluminum, and even gold and silver. Aluminum is a cheap and popular choice, and tends to look stylish in any setting or location. If you intend on putting the mirror in your drawing room, a brighter metal will be more suitable as it will draw attention to it. You might have noticed that there are many full length wall kinds of mirrors in shopping malls and beauty shops. This is because they add elegance and beauty, and help shoppers to make a good choice before they buy the product. Your home mirrors will have the same effect, especially if you are planning on going out and can’t decide what to wear.

Where Can You Buy Them?

Many internet sites sell full length style mirrors, and there are several manufacturers which produce these particular models. Many manufacturers will allow you to customize your mirrors so they fit just right in your allocated space, and match the current look and feel of your home decor. They aren’t very expensive, and will serve you well over the years. If you went down to your local bathroom store, you will more than likely find a model or two in there. Otherwise you can always have a look online to see what is available. Amazon should give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay for one, and you can see their full product range right here.
These mirrors will add elegance and beauty to your home, and make sure you look stunning before you leave your house. When you are shopping for full length wall mirrors, remember to check how much space you have, and that it will match your current look and feel.

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