Hall Tree Coat Rack

Hall Tree Coat Rack

Today we will be talking about the hall tree coat rack. Many of us have a problem with clothes coats laying around our house as there is no set place to put them. Seeing clothes put over the back of chairs, or left by the door is not an uncommon sight. Some people have the luxury of a closet to house their coats and jackets, but this can often be too small, and end up overflowing. So what is the best way to organize all our stray bits of clothing? What will work best, and how can you achieve it? The answer is quite simple – a coat rack. This piece of furniture will give you an area to store your coats, and various accessories. Besides keeping our home nice and tidy, it also adds elegance and class to the room. Below we will discuss some of the details and advantages to buying one.

Some of the many advantages

As the name might suggest, the coat rack resembles a tree. It is designed to be displayed in a hallway or entryway, but will of course look fine in any other room. Popular items to hang on the rack include jacket, coats, scarves, hats and caps. Basically it is designed to keep hold of the things you don’t normally use inside your house. Certain models come with additional housing compartments designed for items such as shoes and wallets.
Besides providing your family with a place to shed their outer garment, it is also an excellent place for your guests to leave their cats and jackets too. This has several advantages – it ensures they are kept safe and clean. The rack allows the jackets to hang which keeps them looking their best instead of crumpled up in a corner. And it also allows the jackets to dry out if they are wet.

You will also find there are some models that come with a storage bench. This is perfect if you wish to store more than your coat, and the bench can normally accommodate quite a few different items. A good use for the bench is to house wet shoes as this allows them to dry out without affecting other parts of the house. The benches can feature several shelves, and could also be used to house your wallet, briefcase, keys, or anything else you might want to take with you before you leave your home. Others models come with slots for mail, so you can divide the mail up into different peoples slots and they will be able to check their mail as they enter the house. If you are after something bigger, some models come with a hollow bench which can house larger boots and shoes. There are many different “all in one” models out there, so you can be sure of finding one to house all your items.

The various different designs

There are many different designs and styles of coat rack models on the market today. They are designed to cater towards both traditional and modern homes. You can find some out there that are designed to look like lifeless tress. Others are painted vibrant colors, and add a uplifting feel to the room. Some have a rustic look to them, so they appear to have been crafted during a major art period (ie Victorian, Futuristic, Classic). Others have a very simple finish, and these are very basic. They function perfectly well, but don’t add much in the way of aesthetics.You may be surprised to find that besides being available in wood varieties such as oak or cherry, you can also buy them in metal, and even plastic! The metal ones have a specific wooden type finish to make them appear more authentic. The plastic one not too great, but can be used as long as you don’t overload them with coats.

Remember though that the main purpose of your hall tree coat rack is to house garments. You should take into consideration how many items you need to store first, then look for a design that goes with your current decor. Another thing you need to consider is how much space you can use. Standard coat racks are quite thin, and will fit almost anywhere. The models with the integrated benches are a bit bigger though, so make sure you check the size specifications before you make a purchase.

Where can you get them?

Many home stores carry these models, so that is the first place to start looking. The internet is also great place to find coat racks. There are hundreds of sites out there wanting your business, so you can be sure to find some great deals. You can also read other peoples reviews of the racks before you make your purchase. Amazon is a good example of this, and you can see their current product range on the website.

With these tips in mind, choose wisely, and your coat rack will add great functionality and looks to your home!

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