Hand Warmers For Gloves

Hand Warmers For Gloves

Hand warmer gloves are an excellent source of warmth, and are a very practical investment. Let’s face it, no one likes to be cold, and trying to do anything when you have cold hands is virtually impossible due to the numbness and pain. This is why anyone who lives in a climate where the weather gets a bit chilly should definitely consider investing in a pair of these warmers or gloves due to the outstanding warmth they provide.. They are an excellent way to keep your hands warm, and will make sure your hands keep warm on the coldest of days. Your hands and body will thank you for it.

They can be grouped into five major categories. Most of the types of hand warmer for gloves you will buy fit into existing pairs of gloves which is quite handy. The traditional type are pocket sized, composed of metal, with holes in the upper half, and resembling cigarette lights. These types are kept in pouches inside your jacket pockets. These are not the type you can fit into your gloves though.
So which type of warmer products will suit you? Read below to find out more.

Types of hand warmers

  • Traditional kind – The traditional hand warmers will apply the slow oxidation of lighter fluid by means of a catalyst. 24 hours of heat can be provided, yet it only consumes as little as a half-ounce of lighter fluid. There is little odor and no flame. Heating the catalyst with a lighter initiates the reaction. It will continue to provide heat until the catalyst is removed, or until fuel is depleted. These are a quick and cheap way to warm your hands
  • Electric type – Using resistive heaters and rechargeable batteries is how an electric hand warmer functions. The reusability of these units is outstanding.
  • Electric type 2 – One type of disposable chemical hand warmers are fueled by the slow oxidation of iron. Another type involves supersaturation, which is the property of dissolving more than a healthy measure of a substance.
  • Iron based chemical type – These hand warmers contain activated carbon, iron, vermiculite and salt. The contents are exposed to the air when the container is opened, thus exposing Iron oxidizes fairly quickly, generating warmth. These types of warmers are generally only good for one use, but are handily packaged so they can be put in boots, gloves, attached to underwear, and such. These are generally considered to be the #1 for hand warmer for gloves.
  • The acetate type – Sodium triacetate and water in a plastic pocket is submerged in boiling water until all the triacetate dissolves. The solution in the pouch ends up supersaturated after it is cooled. Then by pressing a small metal tab, this releases a few nuclei, which will force crystallization of extra triacetate, releasing warmth.</li


So now that you have read about the different types, you should carefully consider what you need. Think about your activities, and how you intend to use your hand warmer for gloves. This should give you a good idea of which kind will be best for your needs.

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