Harley Davidson Gloves

Harley Davidson Gloves

If you are worried about your safety and comfort when out on your bike, you should look at getting some Harley Davidson Gloves. If you want to look stylish, and be safe at the same time these gloves will help you achieve this.
Many people don’t think that motorcycle gloves are an integral part of their riding gear, so many forget to wear them or don’t bother at all. When safety is mentioned, many people think about helmets, avoiding cars and their riding style. This type of outlook is quite flawed unfortunately, as there are many elements that get overlooked. As everyone knows having a helmet on your head could save your life. Most bikers out there have a leather jacket to protect their skin if they were to fall off at a high speed. Another good choice is body armour which can protect key parts of your body if involved in a crash. It’s not uncommon to see a biker with thick leather riding pants, and thick leather boots, all of which should be considered vital when heading out for a ride.

Why should you buy them?

But what can we do to protect our hands? If you damaged your hands the chances are that your could never ride again, let alone do basic day to day tasks. So we need some good quality gloves to protect our hands when we are out on the road. Harley Davidson are know for making premium motorcycles for the enthusiast, and they also make gloves to keep your hands in good shape. Leather is one of the main materials used which protects your skin if you were to ever come off the bike. Leather is skin, so there is nothing like adding another layer of it to protect your body. Harley Davidson motorcycle gloves are mainly made out of cowhide leather, unlike the cheaper motorcycle gloves which are often made out of goat or buffalo hide. These types of leather are inferior, and won’t last for nearly as long. They also manufacturer synthetic nylon gloves to appeal to the average consumer, many of which feature leather patches in key areas such as the palm. Besides that many of the Harley Davidson branded gloves feature Kevlar stitching to ensure that the gloves last for many years. The also feature extra leather in critical parts of the glove area such as the palms and fingertips. Kevlar protection is also integrated on the knuckles and fingers to ensure the very best protection. Like the motorcycles, Harley Davidson branded gloves are proudly made in the USA so you can be assured they are made to the highest quality control standards, and are the very best gloves to keep you safe.

What are some of the other features?

Besides adding protection against the road surface, they also protect you from the elements and debris on the road. It is not uncommon to have stones or other objects flying up if you have traffic in front of you, and these gloves will help protect you against this. The leather also keeps your hands insulated against the cold. This is a lifesaver especially in cold or wet weather as there is nothing worse than trying to ride in the cold, and you should not be distracted by it when trying to ride your bike. Some of the Harley Davidson branded gloves are designed for winter use, and these feature insulated linings. This ensures that your hands are kept nice and warm and the cold is kept out. They are quite flexible too, which means that you have quite a bit of dexterity in your hands, and manoeuvrability will never be an issue. They also do summer gloves, these will be slightly thinner and don’t have a lining. These are great for warmer weather as they are vented to make sure your hands stay nice and cool.

Harley Davidson Gloves are second to none, and make sure you look cool and your hands are kept in top shape too. Besides offering the standard look leather gloves, you will find they also offer gloves with patterns and logos embroidered in. These look great if you want to add a bit of a custom look to your riding attire. Most gloves feature the authentic Harley Davidson shield logo and look great! You can find them in different shapes, sizes and materials. Harley Davidson only allows its legendary brand to be put on the very best products, so you can be assured that when you buy a pair of them you are getting the very best the biking world can offer. With years of experience and testing they are second to none. They are designed with ergonomic features in mind, and also come in the fingerless gloves varieties in several of the models. Remember that you can’t replace your hands, but you can replace your gloves, so don’t buy the cheapest kit you can find as they could let you down very badly when you need them most! Buy a pair of Harley Davidson motorcycle gloves today, and give yourself peace of mind.


So that is a look at what you can expect to get from their gloves. Lastly you may be wondering where you can actually buy them. If you have a local Harley Davidson dealership, then this is your best bet. If not, then they are stocked in many motorcycle stores so this is also worth a look. If you can’t find anything locally, then it is also worth looking online. Amazon sell a range of their gloves, and you can take a look at them at this link.
Otherwise you can sometimes find some bargains on Ebay, but this tends to be quite rare.

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