Hello Kitty Bedding

Hello Kitty Bedding

In this article we are going to be talking about the kind of bedding that features the Hello Kitty brand. We aim to give you all the information you need to help you choose the best bedding sets. So why would you want to get a Hello Kitty style bedset, and why are they so popular? We are going to kick things off with a brief history of the brand, then discussing some of the various product options available. After that we will talk about where you will actually find the bedding for sale, so keep reading to find out more.

A brief history of the company

Hello Kitty has been around now for almost half a century, and in recent years has seen a massive surge in popularity thanks to exposure from pop stars and models. Their accessories and items have become very chic and fashionable, and are no longer only aimed at children anymore. The character itself was first introduced around 1975 by Sanrio, and since them has taken the world by storm with no sign of slowing down.

The instantly recognizable logo is seen all over the world, and you can find just about any Hello Kitty product out there imaginable right now, ranging from mugs to handbags. Now you can get bedding sets featuring the loveable character. This has become one of the most popular bedroom themes for girls, and for women worldwide. So what’s the big advantage of getting one of these bedsets? Read on to find out more.

Why should you purchase one?

It is fairly rare to find a girl these days who doesn’t know what the Hello Kitty brand is. For this very reason it is almost always going to be a good choice when it comes to a girls bedroom. They have been a staple idea for many years when it comes to decorating kids rooms. The official brand colors are pink and white which most girls love, so this should fit in nicely with their current home decor. If your girl isn’t a big fan of pink you shouldn’t worry about this too much as you can also get their branded bedding sets in colors such as blue or black and white. The bed is often the focal point of the room, even though not much of the day is actually spent on it, so it would be a good idea to find something that your girl really likes. Their room is their sanctuary and somewhere they spent a lot of their time, so having something they love in there would definitely score you some serious parenting points! Something you should think about is that it must provide warmth and comfort, while still looking somewhat decent. The Hello Kitty bed sets manage to accomplish this very nicely, and at a very affordable price.

Product Details

So what type of Hello Kitty girls bedding can you find? The good news is that they come in a very big variety of different shapes and colors. As discussed earlier pink is the most prominent color, but you will also find other sets in all shades of the rainbow. In terms of actual products, you will find that you can buy comforters, quilts, sheets or entire sets. You can also buy certain bits individually such as pillows or covers. It all depends on what you need for your room. Most people tend to buy the complete matching set to keep the bedroom decor consistent, and this is what we would recommend.
The bestselling size is undoubtedly the single bed set, as this is what the majority of young girls have in their rooms. You will also find a wide range of products available for toddlers and younger children too. These include crib bedding and crib skirts. This means you can keep them close to their friendly kitty for years to come!

Hello Kitty isn’t only limited to kids however, as there are many ladies out there who adore the brand. This can be seen for example in several products such as makeup, handbags and perfume, which are all aimed at women. With this in mind you will also be able to find queen sized bed sets if this is something your girlfriend or wife wants. They certainly aren’t as popular as the single bed size, but if your lady has something bigger than a single bed, then they can be found with little effort.
The great thing about getting a set like this is the mountain of accessories you can get for them. If you have someone who loves the purple kitten, you can find many other items to compliment the new bed set. Some other items you could possibly match up with the bedset include alarm clocks, lampshades, curtains, waste baskets, desks, chairs and even bath towels. In fact there aren’t many items bedroom items that don’t come in some sort of Hello Kitty variety!
The additional items are designed to match up with the bedding sets, so keep an eye out for these other items if you intend to create a matching theme.

Where can you buy them?

The good news is that there are many different outlets where you can find these outstanding bed sets. Most big retailers tend to keep a range of them, although they might be a little pricey in some of the bigger stores like Target and Walmart. An excellent way to get a good deals is on the internet. There are many different eCommerce sites which stock the bedding sets, and it is very easy to compare prices between them. Due to the wide variety of the products, it is quite hard to actually recommend which one might be best for you. A good bet would be to look at the bestsellers list and try to narrow it down from there. Even though Hello Kitty is a big household name, you shouldn’t expect to pay more for them than any other bedding set. So remember this when you are shopping to ensure that you get the best deal. Of course Amazon is definitely worth a mention, as they have quite a big range of their products You can click here to see the various Hello Kitty sheets and sets they offer.
With all this in mind, be sure to compare price between retailers and you will find a good deal. The new bedset should look great, and will provide many happy memories for your child over the years.

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