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Home Meat Slicers

In this article we will be talking about some of the meat slicers that are suitable for home use. With such a large range of different models available for purchase, how do you end up deciding what will work best for you? In order to help you in your search, we will start off by talking about some of the important features and specifications you should pay attention to when searching for a suitable model. After that we will have a look at some of the top rated models currently available. If you already have an idea of what to buy, you can head over to the recommended models section here.

What must you look for before purchasing one?

Before you rush out and buy a slicer, you must take a few important points into consideration. The first and probably the most important part you need to look into is the motor of the slicer. This feature of the slicer is the focal point of the entire machine, so careful consideration must be taken when choosing one. The motor will need enough power and torque to be able to slice through any food you want to cut. A common cause for failure on cheaper machines is the motor burning out, simply because it cannot take the strain put on it by having to cut through tougher foods. Remember to look for a reliable motor that has enough power to give you many years of good service.
Something else that can cause issues with the motor is the blade. Certain foods tend to response better to different blades, therefore you should be careful that you are using the correct blade for that particular food, otherwise you will be putting additional strain on the motor. For example, meat is cut quite easily with a non serrated blade while vegetables tend to cut quicker with a serrated blade. The bad news is that most home slicers only come with either a serrated or a non-serrated blade, but not both. Therefore if you intend to cut a range of different foods, you should see if you can buy the missing blade as a potential extra item first. They don’t really cost too much extra, so expect to budget an extra $20 on an extra blade if needed.

Something else to consider is the range of thickness that the slicer can offer you. Most will do deli style 1mm slices, and can go all the way up to 1″ slices. The thickness is often adjusted via a dial on the side of the unit, so this is fairly easy to do. If you intend to make a range of different thickness cuts, then be sure to see what the machine is capable of before you make a purchase.
Performance shouldn’t be your only consideration however. Remember that these units are quite big and bulky, therefore you want to be able to clean them. Most decent models will have the ability to unclip the main components, to make cleaning as easy as possible. Look out for a model with this option to save time on cleaning it afterwards.
Safety features should also be taken into account, as the sharp spinning blade can be very dangerous. Some units will have the ability to cover the blade with the food carriage when it is not in use. This means that if the unit gets switched on by accident by a child, or even a pet, there is no chance that they could get into contact with the blade.
Remember to get some food safe lubricant to use with your model. This will help to keep the motor and blade in top shape for many years. If you wash the machine parts after every use, then you should lube it after a couple of washes as per the manufacturers instructions.
These are some of the things you should consider before you decide on any models. Hopefully this has given you some good knowledge on what to keep an eye out for. Now lets have a look at some of the top slicers currently on the market!

Recommended model – Chefs Choice 610 Premium Slicer

When it comes to home based slicers, the Chefs Choice 610 Premium Slicer is one of the top choices. It may be a few years old now, but this machine still offers great value for money. It has a 100 watt motor, which has a decent torque output to make short work of many foods. It is made out of cast aluminum and stainless steel, and is quite strong and durable. It comes with a stainless steel 7″ serrated blade, and the non serrated blade for it is an additional extra. You can find that non serrated blade for sale over here.

This machine can produce cuts from deli style thinness to a 1″ thickness. The main components of this slicer come apart to make cleaning nice and simple. The cord can be stored underneath the unit, and there is also a built in safety fuse to protect the unit against any power surges. It has the food carriage safety lock we mentioned earlier, so there is no risk of injury if the machine is switched on by accident.
This is a a very popular machine for home use, and with a retail price of under $150, it is a fairly inexpensive machine. You can check some of the many positive customer reviews and check the latest price on the Amazon page.

Recommended model – Chefs Choice 615 Premium Slicer

If you are looking for a slightly more modern machine, then you may like the Chefs Choice 615 Premium Slicer. This is essentially an updated version of the 610 above, with a few new features. The 615 model comes with a more powerful 120watt motor, giving you more power to cut through those tough foods. Like the 610 above, this is also made out of cast aluminum and stainless steel. However the 615 comes with polished stainless steel and aluminum finish, which gives it a much more modern appearance compared to the 610. This machine uses the same serrated blade as the 610 series, and therefore you can easily purchase the non-serrated blade if you need it. The 615 comes apart for easy cleaning and maintenance, and also has a range of thicknesses to choose from such as deli thin all the way up to 3/4″ thick. It has the same cord storage system as the 610, the same safety fuse, and also the same food carriage safety lock. It may be a little more expensive than the 610, but the more powerful motor and updated appearance tends to persuade most folks!
This is one of the best sub $200 home slicers you can currently get, and is a reliable and modern looking machine.
Like the 610 above, this model has hundreds of positive reviews so it is definitely a solid choice. You can read some of those reviews and check the current pricing over at the Amazon listing page.

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