Hookless Shower Curtains

Hookless Shower Curtains

Have you heard of a hookless shower curtain before? In recent years there has been quite a buzz around them, but what is all the fuss about? To answer that question, you can ask yourself the following questions: Are you wanting a shower curtain that is elegant, simple to install, and practical? If your answer to those questions is a resounding yes, then it might be worthwhile to look at acquiring one of these. They are a great addition to your bathroom, and come in a variety of designs and shapes to fit the need of every bathroom out there.

What options do you need to consider?

These particular type of curtains can be found with many different options. Certain hookless models will simply slip onto the curtain rod, while others have built in split rings that slip over the rod, both of which eliminate the countless number of hooks needed to maneuver and hold shower curtains. You can also acquire types that attach to the curtain rod by means of snaps, buttons, or velcro.

Choosing any of these particular hook free curtain types will solve many difficulties involved with installing shower curtains, such as misplacing, fumbling, and dropping the shower hooks and punching the small perforated holes. By investing in these kinds of curtains, you’ll save yourself time and energy. Whatever you enjoy doing, spend more time doing it and less time installing and cleaning your shower curtain with this stylish and innovative alternative.

What type of benefits will you get from them?

Another big problem which these kinds of shower curtains will help solve is when your curtains start to sag as a result of a rip in the curtain where the hooks are inserted – this can interfere with your bath or shower, and will cause you loss of time and a great deal of frustration. These type of shower curtains normally come with magnets which hang at the bottom hem, and this keeps them hanging straight without constant adjustment. This is a great advantage over traditional curtains, and is one of the many reasons why they are much superior to the traditional ones.

In addition to that, hookless style curtains are easier to clean, which is why they are steadily becoming more popular than the standard “hook style” curtain. The reason for the simpler cleaning is because they are treated with an anti-microbe solution, which will prevent the growth of the mold, and the dreaded black fungus that will grown on untreated shower curtains. We all know how nasty mildew and fungus can look on a curtain, so this is another great advantage over the standard plastic liner. The most popular fabric for these curtains is vinyl, but you will also find them available in fabric and other cheaper plastic varieties.

As hookless models grow more popular, companies are introducing more patterns and colors providing you the opportunity to easily coordinate your other bathroom accessories with your shower curtain. These types of shower curtains are becoming increasingly more popular and common, especially in upmarket hotels, where their advantage of being stylish and elegant has been noticed and implemented. If you want your bathroom to look unique and different, then this variety of curtains might be exactly what you want.


So if you are tired of shower curtains that are tough to clean, and need to replace shower hooks all the time, isn’t it time to look into the many benefits of making a investment into a hookless shower curtain? They don’t cost that much more than ordinary curtains, so they are certainly worth checking out. If you are lucky your local home store will keep some in stock, otherwise there are plenty of places to find them for sale online. Amazon for example sells quite a big range, and you can see what models they currently offer over here.

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