Ikea Bed Frames

Ikea Bed Frames

We are going to have a look at some popular bed frames you can get from Ikea today, and talk about some of the features and details you should keep an eye out for. Ikea have a large range of bed frames available, so it can be quite tough trying to pick one out that will be ideal for you. To help you out we will try to show you some of the more unique and practical ones, and then you can decide from there if there is anything you might like. First up we are going to have a look at some single bed frames, with the king/queens size ones a little further down. Keep on reading below to find out more.

Single / Full – FJELLSE Frame

The first model we are going to look at today is the Fjesse frame, which is one of the cheapest models you can get. If you are in the market for a no frills frame, this is the one for you. This frame comes as a single and also in a double/full size. The frame is made out of solid pine which is affordable and durable. If you want to add more durability, you can stain or use wax on the wood. You get all this for a very modest $39.99 for the single, and $89.99 for the full which is great value for money. There is also the option to buy a mattress with it, so this is something to consider. Overall this is a cheap and affordable option for many people if you only need something quite basic. Now lets take a look at something with a bit more flexibility – the Flaxa.

Single – Flaxa Frame With Storage

Next we are going to look at something a little more stylish and practical – the Flaxa bed frame. This is part of the Flaxa range, so you can buy matching furniture if you like to go along with this bed frame. The entire unit is made out of fiberboard, particleboard and abs plastic. It is finished off with stylish black and white acrylic paint. It contains a large amount of storage below the frame, which is perfect for kids who have a big number of toys to store! Alternatively it is also great for anyone who lives in a small spaces and needs that extra bit of storage. This model retails for $179.99, which makes it a decent choice if you need a but of storage space udner your bed.

Full / Queen / King – RYKENE Frame

Now let’s have a look at some of the bigger frames Ikea produces. This particular one is called the Rykene, and is one of the cheaper models you can get. The retail price is $99, but if you are in the market for some thing even cheaper,you can get hold of the full sized version of the Fjesse frame for only $89.99 (as talked about above). The Rykene is a solid wood model, and is primarily made out of pine. It is stained with a clear lacquer for added durability, and is a brown/grey color which will work well in most homes. If you want storage space under the bed, you can also buy the Dilling storage box for $14.99 which is designed to fit under the bed. Overall this is a good value choice and should work nicely for building a bed on a tight budget! It comes in full, queen and king sizing.
*2016 update – it looks like this model has been discontinued.

Full / Queen / King – MALM Frame

Still looking at some of the cheaper Ikea bed frames, we now come to the Malm. This is part of the Malm range of furniture, and has many matching pieces that go with it such as headboard/shelf sets,nightstands and chest of drawers. This bed frame is priced at $179.99 and suits a wide variety of home decor styles. The frame itself is made out of  real wood veneer, and has a galvanized steel support frame in the center. The nice thing about this unit is that the bed rails can be adjusted, so it is suitable for a range of different mattress heights. It comes in full, king and queen sizes. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a frame, then this is one that is worth considering.

Single / Full / King / Queen – HEMNES Frame

If you are looking for a more traditional bed frame, than the Hemnes might be exactly what you are after. It is part of the Hemnes range of furniture, and other items you could buy to compliment this unit include chest of drawers, nightstands, wardrobes and mirrors. The price range is a respectable $149 for a single and $269 for a full frame for example, which is quite reasonable for a bed frame of this quality. You can choose between a black-brown, grey-brown, or a white color scheme. It has a midbeam to secure the bed, and the unit is made out of solid pine with a clear lacquer finish. The bed rails are adjustable to whatever height you require. If you are looking for storage space you can buy the Dilling storage box ($14.99) which will fit underneath the bed. It comes in all three main sizes, and is a good traditional choice for most homes.

Full / Queen – OPPDAL Frame

We’ve looked at a traditional style bed above, now it is time to look at something a bit more modern and sleek. The Oppdal bed frame is exactly that, and gives a stylish and modern look at a respectable price. It is only available in full and queen sizes, and comes in the color range of black-brown or medium brown. It isn’t just a sleek design however, as it also includes four storage drawers. These blend seamlessly into the bottom of the bed for a concealed look. It has a galvanized midbeam for added strength, and has a smooth finish. This is a great bed for the modern home, and retails at $249.99.
*2016 update – it looks like this model has been discontinued.

King / Queen – FOLLDAL Frame

Lastly we are going to have a look at one of the very top of the range Ikea frames. This one is known as the Folldal bed frame, and is a luxurious leather bound frame. This upmarket bed frame is only available in king and queen sizing so keep this in mind. Like most of the better bed frames this one comes with adjustable heights to suit your needs. The main reason this particular frame costs so much is the leather. The entire frame is engulfed in top grain white leather, which is soft and easy to care for, while at the same time being very tough and durable. You can buy the optional leathercase set ($14.99) with this frame to keep the leather in good condition if you don’t have any leather care products. This is a very premium bed frame, and the price tag on this is $599.


Above we have talked about some of the more popular Ikea bed frames you can get. They do offer quite a few other models, but the ones above are some of the best selling ones you will currently find. The prices range from $50-$600 for full or king sized bed frames, so it all depends on what your exact requirements are. All the above ones are good choices, but don’t be afraid to look online to see what else you can find. You may find a bargain on one of the bigger online retailers, so be sure to take a look before you make a final decision.

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