Ikea Jerker Alternatives

Ikea Jerker Alternatives

Today we are going to be discussing computer desks, and one of the best computer desks to come out in recent years was the Jerker made by Ikea. This was first introduced in early 2003, and was sold by Ikea until around 2008 when it was unfortunately discontinued. Ikea say poor sales was the reason for the discontinuation of the desk, and many people are still searching for this particular desk all these years later. If you are lucky you might find a second hand one for sale on Craigslist or Ebay, but aside from that there isn’t too much you can do to actually get hold of one. The Jerker has become somewhat of a legendary desk for those computer enthusiasts who need a larger desk with lots of work space. The Jerker was a modular desk, meaning you could assemble it according to your specifications, and buy numerous different accessories for it to make it somewhat unique. The base desk was somewhat cheap, so it’s main advantage was you could build up a desk according to your exact specifications without spending any more money than you needed to. It was sturdy, and could handle a lot of weight without taking any strain at all. Since this desk has been discontinued we will look at some potential replacements that are similar to it.

Ikea Fredrik

The direct replacement for the Ikea Jerker is the Ikea Fredrik. Ikea has been selling this since the Jerker was phased out, and this is the next best desk available from Ikea. The Fredrik comes in two different sizes, so make sure you take measurements to see what is best for you. It is fairly similar to the Jerker, but is missing a couple of features that the Jerker had. It doesn’t have the cpu hanger, and the swivel shelves are also sadly missing. In dimensions though it is quite similar so that is the good news. The main difference in terms of dimensions is the depth of the table. The Jerker was 35″ deep, whereas the smaller Fredrik is 24.5″ and the larger one is about 28.5″ deep. The length of the desk is 3 feet on the smaller model and 4 feet on the large one. If you still use an old CRT monitor then the Jerker would be better for you, however if you use a LCD then this is not an issue.

You can buy additional fabric bags which you can attach to the Fredrik (which hang onto the stand via plastic hooks), but we can’t quite figure out who would want these, or what they are actually used for.
The main table shelf can be set at your desired height, and the shelves are also adjustable. It has a cable organizer at the back so you can keep all your cabling nice and tidy. It can hold up to 50kg, and the retail price is around $150 which is quite reasonable. It isn’t quite as versatile as the Jerker was, but if you don’t need too many shelves or accessories then this may be just what you need.

Ikea Galant

Another popular choice if you are looking for a lot of desk space is the Galant from Ikea. This is somewhat different from the modular tables, but is definitely worth a look. It comes in three different varieties – a standard desk, a left corner desk, or a right corner desk. It is a one level table, unlike the Jerker, but it makes up for this with a very generous width which should give you more than enough space to hold all your items. It is height adjustable, so getting it to your correct height preference is pretty straightforward. Retail price is around $150 for the plain desk, and about $160 for the corner one. It comes with a ten year warranty, and is really easy to clean. If you specifically want a desk that uses space vertically then this won’t be the right choice for you. On the other hand if you have lots of outward space in a room then this could be just what you want. It is sturdy, looks very stylish, and fits quite very nicely into the corner of the room.


These above two desks are two of the more popular ones currently available from Ikea. Currently the closest thing to the Ikea Jerker is the Fredrik, so if you can’t find a second hand Jerker then the Fredrik may be your only choice. It really is a shame that Jerker was discontinued as it was a fantastic desk, but the Fredrik is the closest thing to a replacement. If you need a desk right away we would suggest going to take a look at it and seeing if it will meet your requirements. Otherwise keep your eyes on Craigslist or Ebay as they pop up on there from time to time.

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