Ikea TV Stands

Ikea TV Stands

In this article we will be looking at some of the more popular tv stands you can currently get from Ikea. They do offer quite a big range of them, so which on will suit you best? How much do they cost, and what are some of the features? Hopefully we can answer all of those questions below, and give you a rough idea what to look out for. To begin with we will be talking about why an Ikea model is a good choice, and then we will look at several of the more popular models currently available. Keep reading below to find out more!

Is an Ikea stand a good choice?

Some folks out there may be worried about spending money on an Ikea product since they are often considered to be quite cheap in comparison to some of the bigger brands. What you must remember is that Ikea have been in business for almost 90 years now, and over the years have innovated and shaped the furniture history. Their products are great value for money purely because they manufacture them in bulk quantities, thus passing on the savings to the customer.

It has nothing to do with producing an inferior quality product, so please keep this in mind. Remember that their tv stands are backed by a decent warranty, so you can be sure you are getting a decent product. For this reason alone we think they are a decent buy.
Now lets take a look at some of their more popular stands you will find.


First up we are going to look at their cheapest stand on offer, the Lavia stand. This is a no frills Ikea tv stand for those on a tight budget. It has a top shelf for the tv, with another shelf underneath it to house any additional accessories such as a dvd or bluray players. It isn’t anything special, but if you are only after a simple tv stand then this will do the job just fine. It comes with a sleek black finish, so should suit most lounges quite nicely.

The retail price is a very modest $20, which is great value for money compared to some of the budget stands from other companies. If you only want a basic tv stand which doesn’t take up too much space, then this one will certainly do the job without costing you an arm and a leg.


Next up were are going to look at another one of the cheaper stands on offer, the Mosjo. This is also a fairly basic tv stand, and is similar to the Lavia. The main difference between the two is that the Mosjo has two shelves beneath, and the back of the unit is sealed off. This tends to look a bit better if you intend to hide all the electrical cords behind the tv, and if you look at the picture you can see there is a little cutout at the bottom where you can push all the plugs and cables through to keep things neat and tidy.

Like the Lavia above, this model has a nice sleek black finish which goes well with most modern tvs. The retail price is $39.99 which is quite affordable. This is one of their bestselling units, and for good reason.


Still looking at some of the value stands, we arrive at the Benno model. This tv stand is made out of birch, and is a good value mid range unit. The back of the stand is open, and it has two main shelves below which are divided into two sections. One of the main benefits of this particular unit is that it has castors, which makes it much easier to move out of the way when it is time to clean up or vacuum.

Another handy advantage is that if you have the Ikea Killy bookcase, you will find that this unit matches and compliments that. Retail price is only $79.99, which is still very affordable. If you are looking for a good quality middle of the line stand that offers a bit of storage space, then this one is certainly worth a look.


Now we will move onto something with a bit more detail and customisability – the Expedit unit. This stand comes in white or black, and has a fair amount of space and shelves on offer. This stand is purely designed for a flat screen tv, which is mounted to the back of the shelf. In order to prevent the shelf from falling over from the weight of the tv, the whole unit must be secured to the back of the wall using the included anti topple pieces. However this is quite an easy job for anyone with some basic diy skills, so don’t let that put you off!

The shelving units you can see on the left side of the picture can also be moved to the right side, so it all depends how you want to do it in your tv area. The price for this unit is $149, which is quite decent compared to competitor offerings.


Moving onto some of the more premium units, we arrive at the Liatorp model. This particular model is quite wide, and is only available in white. It has a row of shelves beneath the top of the unit, and below that houses 3 drawers which can be used to  holdr all your electrical and tv related accessories. The backing of the top shelf is open, and the whole unit is very sturdy overall. This model currently retails for $299, so it is still good value for money considering the features.

If you are looking for a spacious premium looking unit, then this model might be exactly what you need for your home. If you are looking for a similar style closed unit, then take a look at the Stockholm model below.


As with the Liatorp model discussed above, this Stockholm tv unit is quite a wide unit, and has more than enough storage space to satisfy all your needs and demands. It is available in black and also golden brown, and features two small drawers in the middle with two bigger drawers on either side. The drawers have built in dampeners, which means they close quietly and without interfering with the tv above.

There is a cable outlet at the bottom of the unit which allows you to group all the cables together. This unit is in a similar price bracket of the Liatorp at $329, which is still quite a good deal for a premium unit.
As a great looking functional tv stand, this one is another fine choice.


If you are in the market for a stylish and elegant stand for your tv, then the Besta might be exactly what you are looking for. This is a very nice looking piece of furniture, and the flat screen tv sits in the middle, mounted via a bracket. You can see 8 panels in the picture on the left, and these panels flip over to reveal a different color. There is the option of a black-brown & black combination, or a high gloss black & black brown combo.

The panels are hollow, which means you can hide cabling in them. This model also has adjustable feet, which means you can use it on uneven surfaces. It has four little shelves, and four smooth running drawers beneath that. The price on this unit is $540.

Besta Combo

Lastly we are going to have a look at the Besta combo model. This is one of the top Ikea tv stand models, and has all the features you could possibly need! It is very similar to the Besta with a few important additions. The main addition is the sliding doors on the front, these allow you to hide the tv away when it is not in use to deter potential criminals, or just to have a cleaner design look. Also on this unit there are additional shelves and a cupboard on either side, so if you have a lot of stuff you would like to store then this is what you need.

It comes in a stylish black/brown color shade which goes really nicely with any type of home decor. The price of this unit is $752, which is a fair amount of money. However this is a top of the line model, and it certainly adds a fantastic premium look and style to your viewing area.


Now that we have taken a good look at some of the most popular tv stands made by Ikea, you will have to decide what is best for you. If you want a simplistic stand without much storage then some of the cheaper stands will serve you just fine. If you want a bit of storage, then the mid range units will cope a bit better with that. If you are looking for something really stylish for your home then the top end units should offer what you need. Remember that these Ikea models are sold online in quite a few stores, so have a good look on the internet to see what types of deals you can find! Choose carefully, and your new tv stand will look great and give you many hours of happy viewing pleasure!

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