Mandoline Slicers

Mandoline Slicers

Today we will be talking about mandoline slicers, and hopefully help you to find the best one for your needs. With so many different models currently for sale, it can be a little frustrating trying to differentiate one from another. To help you out, we will be discussing some of the important features to look out for, and then we will be checking some of the top rated ones you can currently purchase. If you want you can head right onto the recommended models section over here. Otherwise keep reading to get an idea of what you should be looking for before making a purchase.

What features should you consider before picking one?

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind before you rush out and spend your money, so lets start by talking about some of these important considerations.
The first main consideration you will need to think about is what kind of blades and attachments you will need for your unit. Many decent models with come with 3 or 4 different attachments to allow you to create a range of different sliced food. Common attachments include the basic straight blade to slice almost anything with ease. Other attachments include a julienne attachment for creating perfect strips, and a wave attachment for making chips. These are just a couple you can find, though you will also find ones for shredding and dicing too.
Next up you should look for a unit that has adjustable height settings for the blades. Some of the really cheap units won’t have this feature, meaning that even the straight blade would only be able to make one size slices. A quality mandolin will have the ability to adjust the height of the blades, so you are able to make a range of different size cuts. This is especially important if you are in a hurry and need to make quick adjustments on the fly.

Why is the safety of the device important?

Next up you should take into consideration some of the safety features of the device. These slicers have very sharp blades designed to cut their way through anything, so you certainly wouldn’t want your fingers or hand to come into contact with these blades by accident. Many mandolin slicers come with a safety holder which you put over the food. The food is often held in place by two prongs inside the safety holder. You can then use this safety holder to cut the food by using the handle on top of the holder. This means your hand goes nowhere near the blade while you are cutting, and is the safest way to do it. Some users buy cut resistant gloves to use with the unit in case you find the safety holder difficult to use. These aren’t too expensive, and generally cost around $10 which is much cheaper than a trip to the hospital!

Other safety features you should keep in mind are rubber feet to keep the unit from slipping around on your table or counter when in use. This can prevent some nasty accidents, and will help you to to make quick and easy cuts. Some other things to keep in mind are ease of use, and how easy the unit is to clean. Most blades will slip in and out without much effort, making these models very simple and easy to clean. If you are short on space, you should also consider a model that can fold up. This will help you to save space, and make sure that your new model doesn’t take up any more space it has to. Most newer units come with this functionality to keep everything tidy and out the way.

What kind of material is best?

One more option you will need to decide on is what kind of material you want to invest in. Most cheaper models under $50 will be made out of plastic with stainless steel blades. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as a decent quality plastic model will last for several years if you take care of it. Your other choice is to get a fully stainless steel model, as these will last for much longer. The heavier construction makes them a much more reliable choice, but this does come at a cost. A fully stainless steel model can cost up to 4x more than the cheaper plastic one, so it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you think it will be used very often, then it might be worth going for the more reliable choice.
Now lets have a look at some of the top rated slicers you can currently get.

Recommended model – Bormer V Power V-7000

Bormer have been manufacturing v-slicers for over 50 years now, and their latest slicer called the Bormer V Power V-7000 is the combination of all those years of experience. This model is produced in Germany, is made out of tough abs plastic and comes with 3 stainless steel blades. There is one standard blade, along with two julienne ones for shredding and dicing with ease. The adjustment of the blades is very simple, as there is a button on the side which you slide up or down to increase or decrease the elevation. This model comes in white (as seen in the picture), and also red, orange and green. The feet have rubber coverings to keep the unit in place, and there is also a safety holder to keep your hands safe when using the machine. There is a insert holder which protects the blade when not in use, and the safety holder clips onto the unit to make storage simple. This is without a doubt one of the best plastic slicers you can get, and the price of around $50 is very reasonable. With a 4.3 star rating on Amazon, this model seems like a winner. You can find out more about it and read some of the many user reviews over on the Amazon page.

Recommended model – Bron Original Slicer

If you think a stainless steel model may be better for you, the Bron Original Slicer is a good choice. This model is made in France, and comes with three different blades. You get the normal straight blade, a julienne blade and also a waffle blade. The maximum thickness you can set the blades to is a 1/2″ thickness, and the adjustment of the thickness is quite straightforward. The overall design of this unit is very stylish, and the construction is very durable. Included is a safety holder, and the main legs have rubber feet to stop it slipping.

The entire unit folds flat for easy storage, and it is quite easy to wash by hand. This is a very tough model, and the stainless steel construction helps to prevent flexing, which results in the most even slices possible. It may be a little on the expensive side with a retail price of around $150, but this slicer is designed to last a lifetime. You can check the current pricing and read some of the user reviews over on Amazon.

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