Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual Coffee Grinder

Today we are going to be talking about manual coffee grinders, otherwise known as hand crank coffee grinders. Most folks tend to use electric grinders these days to make their fresh coffee, however manual ones still hold certain advantages in this modern world. In this article we will discuss some of the advantages of buying a manual grinder. After that we will talk about some of the features you should look out for before selecting an appropriate model, and then we will be looking at some of the best rated models currently available on the market. If you want you can skip to the recommended models section by clicking here.

Why should you choose a manual grinder over an electric grinder?

When it comes to choosing a coffee grinder, most folks will go for an electric one without a second thought. After all, it is without a doubt the quickest and easiest way to get your freshly brewed coffee fix. However there some drawbacks to using a electric coffee grinder. The first main issue is the failure rate of the motors. Grinding coffee beans can be quite strenuous on the motor, which is why many of these units tend to die after a few months of use. This is quite a common occurrence on cheaper electric grinders, and is why many people will opt for a manual one instead. A decent manual grinder will potentially last for decades, so this is a major advantage.
Failing motors is not the only issue however, as getting a good consistency is also somewhat problematic at times. Like we mentioned above, this is sometimes only symptomatic with cheaper electric units. This isn’t to say that all electric models suffer from the problem, but it is definitely a common complaint for those folks who invest in more economical choices. Quality electric grinders tend to cost in the region of $200+ so most folks view this as too expensive when a quality manual grinder can be bought for a quarter of that price.
However there are some exceptions, such as the Capresso Infinity Grinder. This is a 100watt electric grinder, and more importantly it has commercial grade grinders. It costs under $100, and has over 1800 five-star customer reviews on Amazon. If you haven’t quite made up your mind if you want a manual or electric grinder, then this is one model you can potentially look into which is highly rated, and doesn’t cost a fortune. More info on it on the Amazon page if you wish to take a look at it.

Another consideration is the noise aspect. If you live with family members, then in most cases someone will always be waking up earlier than everyone else. Most electric models are a bit noisy, and this can cause a lot of tension if other people are trying to sleep while you are preparing your morning cup of coffee! Needless to say a manual unit will solve this problem, and allow you to make a fresh brew without worrying about waking anyone up.
One last advantage of a manual coffee grinder is portability. Electric grinders are limited to where there is a power socket, but a manual one can be taken and used anywhere. This is especially handy if you go camping, or even in a RV. This is a popular choice for people in areas with frequent power failures as you can still make a fresh cup of coffee with the help of a gas or camping stove.

What features should you look for in a hand coffee grinder?

The first and foremost feature you need to look at is adjust-ability. Most modern units will allow a good range of settings from fine to course, so be sure you find one that will be able to create the consistency you desire. Next up you will need to look at the capacity of your grinder. You can buy very small ones that only make enough coffee for one or two people, or larger ones that can make enough for ten cups at a time.
A tough grinder is another feature to keep in consideration. Most manual grinders come with stainless steel, or tougher ceramic materials to make short work of any coffee beans. Make sure you know what the machine is made of, to make sure you get one that will last for many years.
Now lets have a look at some of the most popular hand coffee grinders on the market.

Recommended model – Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder

There are two manual grinders we are going to look at, and the first is the Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder. This probably the most popular modern day manual grinder you can buy, and this is a multipurpose grinder that can also grind sesame seeds, salt & pepper and green tea in addition to coffee. The grinding mechanism is made out of ceramic, which is incredibly tough and guaranteed to last for many years. There are a range of adjustments available, from coarse to a very fine consistency. The base of the unit is rubber, so it is non slip, and the glass container can hold up to 100grams of coffee. The glass container comes with a lid so you can store the coffee, and it is also dishwasher safe. With a retail price of under $40, and over hundreds of 5-star customer reviews on Amazon, this is a cheap and reliable investment. You can check the latest pricing of this unit and get more info about it at this link.

Recommended model – Peugeot PM11765 Coffee Mill

If you are looking for something that not only performs well but also looks fantastic, then the Peugeot PM11765 Coffee Mill may be what you want. It may to surprise you to know that the well known French car manufacturer also makes coffee grinders, but the truth is they have been making these units for over 160 years, long before they ever started to make any cars!
The unit itself is made out of beechwood, with the top section being made out of stainless steel. This creates a elegant and classic design. These units are still made in France 160 years later, and the attention to detail is very apparent. The grinding mechanism on this unit is made out of case hardened steel, which means it is almost unbreakable. There are a variety of adjustment settings available on this grinder, allowing you to make any kind of coffee to suit your needs. The grinder will crush any coffee bean with ease, and the mechanism comes with a lifetime warranty. It may be almost double the price of the Kyocera above, but if you want something that not only performs well, but also looks magnificent, then the Peugeot is an excellent choice. You can check the latest pricing and availability of this grinder on the Amazon product page.

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