Nimbus Toothbrushes

Nimbus Toothbrushes

In this article we will talk about a little known gem of a toothbrush made by Nimbus. This particular toothbrush has grown greatly in popularity the past few years, and well on it’s way to becoming one of the top toothbrushes ever made. So what is so special about this toothbrush, and is all the hype really warranted? Can such a soft bristled toothbrush really manage to remove plaque and keep your teeth clean? We hope to answer these questions below, so keep reading to find out more.

A brief history of Nimbus

Nimbus was formed in the early 2000′s with the main aim of building a toothbrush that did a great job of cleaning your gums, and removing plaque while not damaging either. The problem many folks have is that they tend to brush a little too hard which ends up damaging the enamel on their teeth, and causing the gums to recede. Nimbus had a goal in mind, and their “Do Not Harm” principle was the main focus behind their product design. After a period of product testing, the Nimbus Microfine toothbrush was revealed to the world in 2004. It received a really good reception, and at this time is still one of the top selling toothbrushes. The Microfine was developed by periodontists, and has been thoroughly test and scrutinized by dental professionals over the years. The product has been so good in fact that Nimbus have not felt the need to modify the toothbrush at all, or design additional models! This should be a indication of how good it actually is. The only additional model they have added is a slightly smaller one “Compact” model with a smaller head, and a toothbrush designed for children. However these are both exactly the same as the standard Microfine, but with smaller dimensions.

What are the main features of this toothbrush?

Unlike your traditional toothbrushes which come in different hardness’s such as soft, medium and hard, the nimbus only comes in one. This is extra soft, and is the main feature of the toothbrush. Thanks to the Microfine tapered bristles, it manages to give your teeth a very fine clean without have to scrub the life out of them like you would using a conventional toothbrush. This provides three main benefits. The first is that the toothbrush will last longer since you are putting less pressure on it to get your teeth properly cleaned. The second benefit is that you get a much deeper clean, which is always going to benefit your overall dental hygiene in the long run. The third main benefit is that the extra soft bristles do virtually no damage to your gums or teeth which will keep them in great condition, and save you loads of cash at the end of the day on dental bills.

How much do they cost?

The toothbrush itself is very reasonably priced for such an effective piece of equipment. If you buy a single toothbrush, you will normally pay around $3.99. You can also save money buy buying them in either a 5 pack, or a 10 pack. For a 5 pack you can expect to pay around $14, with a 10 pack going for around $27 or so. For the children’s toothbrush, they cost about $3.50 for a loose one, and you can buy 4 packs for around $13 or so which is quite reasonable.
The next question is how often to change the toothbrush. If you are using a Nimbus, then dentists recommend you swap them out every 12 weeks. This is roughly ever 3 months, so you are looking at spending around $15 a year on the toothbrushes which is very reasonable. Compared to some of the big brand toothbrushes like Philips, this is quite a big saving. And in terms of dental health care, many dentists would argue that you are getting a far superior product with a Nimbus at a much lower cost!

Where can you find them for sale?

Since Nimbus toothbrushes aren’t quite as popular yet as some of the more traditional brands, they can be a little tricky to find. Some big retailers do stock them, but you may be unlucky and find that your local store doesn’t sell them. If that is the case, then the best option would be too have a look on the internet to see what you can find. There are quite a few websites out there that offer good deals on these particular toothbrushes, so you should have no trouble finding them. Due to the low weight of the item shipping is normally free on them which is another bonus. You can also easily compare the pricing between the various web shops out there with one or two clicks, so you will often be able to get some really good deals. Of course the easiest place to find them is on Amazon, which sells the regular, compact and kids models. All three of these models had 90% and above 5-star user reviews at the time of writing, which goes to show how highly rated these models are! You can get hold of the regular model on the Amazon product page, and the other two models can be found listed below on that same page.


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