Nose Ear Trimmers

Nose Ear Trimmers

Today we are going to be talking about the nose ear trimmer. As we get older, we tend to develop more body hair. It is not uncommon for men in the late 20′s to start developing unattractive excessive nose and ear hair. This is a perfectly natural occurrence, although it certainly doesn’t help your looks. So how do you get rid of this new nasty hair? The best solution is to get a trimmer.
Like your eyelashes protect your eyes, your nose hair serves to protect your nose from foreign and dangerous particles. Not all of it is required though, so it is perfectly safe to trim the noticeable bits that stick out your nose.

Is It The Best Way To Get Rid Of The Hair?

So what is the easiest way to get rid of your unnecessary nose hair? A trimmer is without a doubt the best way, but let us talk about the alternatives you have for a minute. You could use nose hair scissors. One slip though and you will end up cutting yourself, which could lead to an infection or permanent damage. Sticking something sharp up your nose is probably not the best idea. Another way is to use tweezers, although if you have tried this before you will know that it is incredibly painful! And tweezers will pull out the entire hair instead of trimming it. This leads to open follicles which are susceptible to infection. Remember we don’t want to pull out the hairs, we only want to trim them as they protect our nasal passage.

Next we come to the nose and ear kind of trimmers. No matter what your price range, you will be able to find something as they come in such a big variety. Generally you will find them available in two different kinds – models with oscillating blades (they go left to right), and models with blades that rotate in one direction. There isn’t really any major difference between the two, so this choice should not matter too much. Like every other hygiene tool, a nose and ear trimmer will need to be cleaned or washed after usage. Many come with a brush to clean them, while others can be held under running water to rinse them off. Many men prefer to shave their face after a hot shower, as your pores are open afterwards. You don’t need to worry about doing this for trimming your nose hairs, as it won’t make a difference.

Popular Models – Panasonic ER421KC Trimmer

We are now going to discuss some of the more popular models, so you have some idea of what to expect.
First up we have the Panasonic ER421KC trimmer. With a price tag of under $25, you can’t go wrong with this model. Many reviewers commended it for it’s great value for money. Some of the great features built-in include a light. This is a good addition, especially if you intend to trim in a private area where the light is limited. This Panasonic model is waterproof, which means it can be quickly rinsed under the tap, or even taken into the shower with you to do the trimming. As with every other trimmer out there, it features a safety cone to protect your skin from accidental cuts from the blades. They rotate in a circular motion, and make short work of your nose hair. You can read some of the many happy user reviews and check the current price over at the Amazon listing.

Popular Models – Norelco NT9110 Trimmer

The next trimmer we will take a look at is the Norelco NT9110 trimmer. This is another popular choice amongst consumers. Once again it comes with a price tag of under $20, so virtually anyone can afford one. Average ratings for this model are 4/5 stars, which is very good considering the price tag. As an added benefit, this model can also be used to trim your eyebrows in addition to your nose and ear hairs. Unlike the Panasonic trimmer listed above, this model has oscillating blades.

The general opinion is that they take a little bit longer to get used to, but will be more comfortable in the long run once you are used to them. Reviews also said that this model was very simple to clean, which is great especially if you don’t want to spend ages trimming your nose hair! You can get more info about this model over at the Amazon product page.

Some other models to consider

Some other models worth mentioning include the Groom Mate Platinum XL. With pricing of around $20, the Groom Mate XL is a little bit pricier than your average model. It is definitely a quality product though, as you can feel by the weight of it. It feels rigid and sturdy – always a good sign of premium manufacturing. A common problem with nose trimmers is that they can pluck hairs instead of trim them. There have been no complaints of any sort with the Platinum XL. It comes with a two year warranty, and is manufactured in the US. With reviews giving it an average of 4.5/5 stars, it is definitely a good choice in the world of nose ear trimmer models.

Other good manufacturers to look out for are Wahl, Remington and Babyliss. These are some of the other top companies when it comes to trimmers, so have a look at their models on offer and you may find something you like. Remember to think about exactly what features you need when choosing your trimmer, and you will save money. Keep these tips in mind, and you should be able to find a trimmer that will last you for many years!

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