Nose Hair Clippers

Nose Hair Clippers

Today we are going to be talking about the the nose hair clippers. Many man out there tend to develop an excess of nose hairs when they reach around the the age of 30. It isn’t limited to men, although they are mainly marketed towards them. So how do you deal with this issue? The answer is to get hold of a trimmer for nose hairs. They are quite cheap, and will help you to look your best in only a couple of minutes. To begin with we are going to be talking about what they are, then discussing some of the features you should look out for.

What Exactly Are They?

This personal grooming device was made to get rid of any built up hair in your nose. Nose hair is definitely not seen as attractive in any way, so we need to find a way to keep it trimmed. The trimmers are very simple to use. You insert the head of the unit into your nose, and it trims away the unwanted hair. Your nostril passage is quite small, so the hair trimmer unit is designed to easily fit in there. As an added bonus, many of the models out there can also be used in your ears. You could use tweezers to do a similar job, but if you have tried this you will know how painful it is! The clippers are painless, and does the job in no time.

Like most of the hair on our bodies, nose hair does have a job to do. If we didn’t have any nose hair, then particles of harmful material could enter our bodies. This is why we still need nose hair. So if you think about it, won’t trimming your nose hair allow these particles to enter your body? The answer is a definite no. The hairs that protect your nasal passage are all within the confines of your nasal passage, so when you trim away the excess hair you won’t remove the essential ones that provide you with protection.

How Do You Decide Which Model Is Best?

There are a couple of things you need to consider before you choose your clipper. First are foremost you should consider what exactly you need from your clipper. If your job requires travelling, then a more portable model might be best for you. The good news is that since the trimming is so quick, a portable trimmer should last you for quite some time before it needs recharging. Even if you don’t travel a lot, you will still have the choice of a corded or cordless model. With a corded model you don’t have to worry about needing to recharge the clipper. However it could be problematic if you don’t have a power point nearby where you plan to do your trimming. For the most part a cordless model is best, since they do not need to be recharged too often.

If you are in the market for a nose hair trimmer, you will find many companies out there that manufacturer them. Some of the bigger companies include Wahl, Remington, Phillips, and Panasonic to name a couple. Prices can vary greatly depending on what features you need. Expect to pay around $10 for a cheapish model, and up to $50 for a premium one. It is recommended that you buy a reputable brand that comes with a decent warranty. They might cost a little more, but this would ensure that you will have something reliable, and one that is comfortable. Don’t forget your nose is a very sensitive area, and you need to take good care of it.

Many models out there come with additional features to enhance your clipping experience. Certain models have a light built in, so you can light up your nostril when trimming. This makes it a bit easier. Others nose hair clipper models can be found with a vacuum / suction addition. This bit ensures that your trimmed hair is sucked up, and doesn’t make a mess. If you would like to trim your nose hair in the showers, many models are built to be waterproof. This also ensures ease of cleaning.

Using Your Clipper

Usage is quite straightforward. The easiest way to do it is if you have a clean mirror to look in. Only the base of the unit needs to be inserted into your nostril – remember it is only the excess hair that needs to be cut away. Turn on the clipper, and give it about 30 seconds and move it around a bit to make sure you get all the hair. Once that is done, you should blow your nose to remove any leftover hair. That is how easy it is to use! Many manufacturers included a manual, so make sure you read it. You should also clean your model after each use to keep it in good working order.

Where Can You Buy Them?

You can buy them at most pharmacies, and bigger retail stores. There are also hundreds of sites online that carry a wide variety of clippers, so you will definitely find a good deal if you look around. Shopping for them over the internet is advised, and Amazon for example have a big range of these for sale which you can see over here.

Make sure you choose carefully and you will be sure to find a great deal and a nose hair trimmer that will serve you for many years to come!

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