Nose Hair Groomers

Nose Hair Groomers

In this article we will be discussing the nose hair groomer. In today’s modern world, men are taking much better care of themselves, and are spending lots of time on their personal appearance. In recent years there has been a massive demand for personal groomer products for men, and this demand keeps growing by the year. One of the grooming areas that men have been focusing on is the nose hair region. Lets face it – nose hair is not attractive in any way. A beard can be trimmed or kept in a certain way so that it looks great, but there is nothing you can do to make nose hair look good. The only thing you can do is get rid of it, and today we will be discussing some popular tools and methods to do that. Bear in mind though that nose hair does protect your nasal cavity from harmful particles, so getting rid of the hair completely is not the best idea.

How do tweezers compare to groomers?

The first item we will talk about is tweezers. Some of you might have tried this before, and you know how sore this can be! It is enough to make your eyes water. Due to to pain issue you don’t find many men who do this on a regular basis. On the plus side, the hairs take a long time to grow back because they are getting pulled out completely. With nose hairs growing up to an inch in length, it could be a while until you need to do it again. This is a big advantage. The disadvantages are the pain issue, and the fact that your open pores are susceptible to infection after plucking. This is not a very practical way of doing it, and was why the nose hair trimmer was invented, but more on that later.
Men have been doing it this way for many years, until other nose hair trimming devices were developed. If you decide you want to trim your nose hair this way, you need to make sure that you have a decent pair of tweezers, so that you can remove each hair the first time. This will certainly keep the pain to a minimum, and will of course save you time too. A good product for doing this is the Tweezerman range of tweezers. These are high quality, and ensure that you get the job done right the first time!

Can scissors do a better job than a groomer?

Next we will be talking about special scissors you can buy to trim your nose hair. These products are designed to get into the harder to reach areas in your nose. This method of trimming is still quite popular, and there are many manufacturers out there that make scissors for this purpose. Quite a few of them come with curved blades to make it easier to cut. Many of the models have safety tips on the end, which ensure that your nose is protected if the scissors come into contact with it. This method is better than using tweezers, however still not quite as convenient as a nose hair clipper. You need to be very careful if you are using scissors without the safety tips, as one little slip and you could have a nasty accident. Most quality brands will be stainless steel to ensure the blades last a long time, and to give you a precise cut. You should also wash the scissors after use, to keep them in top cutting condition. Like tweezers, this way of doing things is considered a bit outdated now as there are other ways to do it.

The many advantages of a nose hair trimmer

The third and final item we will talk about is the nose hair trimmer or groomer. This is the most recent invention, and is undoubtedly the safest, quickest and pain-free way to trim your nose hair. Most of them are battery powered, although you can buy corded models that run off the mains electricity.
The tip of the unit goes into your nose, and takes a few seconds to trim your nose hair. This is undoubtedly the most popular way of trimming your nose hair. A common complaint among the very cheap groomer models are that they tend to pull the hair instead of cut it, but as long as you buy a reputable brand you can avoid this. Because the process of trimming is so quick, you won’t need to worry about recharging them very often. You can find them with varied features, depending on what model you buy. Some of the pricier models come with a vacuum that sucks up the hairs as they are cut off. Other models have a light attached so you can see exactly where and what you are trimming. Other models will be waterproof which means they can be used in the shower. Most models have a safety cap on the end to ensure the blades never come into contact with your skin. The blades will rotate in a circular motion in one direction, or can oscillate from left to right. Both blade types are quite effective at trimming, so you shouldn’t worry about that too much.
Some manufacturers of quality groomer models include Wahl, Phillips, Remington and Panasonic. There are quite a few of them out there, but make sure you get something decent.


How you decide to trim will boil down to your own personal preference. A nose hair groomer is highly recommended, but it never hurts to have a pair of tweezers nearby for those stubborn or harder to reach hairs. Remember you don’t want to trim too much hair as it protects your nasal cavity – only trim the excess hair.
The best place to get hold of a trimmer is over the internet. There are literally thousands of sites online that offer a wide range of trimmers to suit any budget. There are many great deals, and you don’t have to worry about people seeing you buying a product to get rid of your nose hair! Amazon would be our first chocie, as they offer quite a few different models at an affordable price. You can see their current product range on their website.
With all this in mind choose carefully, and you can be sure of finding a groomer than will get rid of your nose hair that will last you for many years!

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