Oster A5 Clippers

Oster A5 Clippers

Today we will be talking about the ever popular Oster A5 clippers set. It is very rare to find a dog that enjoys having a hair cut, or being groomed, so it is essential that we find a clipper that will do the job as fast as possible, and at the same time do an efficient job. Most of us have a hair clippers kit containing combs, brushes, scissors and shears to help us with grooming our pets. Oster clippers are an essential and must have addition to this kit. The A5 model is one of the top dog grooming clippers available, and have proven time and time again that they are one of the best models to buy for grooming your animal.

What are some of the features?

This particular model includes detachable blades (which makes the process of changing blades very simple) and has two different speeds. These two features ensure that it is versatile enough for every part of the dog. The model has been tested on virtually every dog out there, and has consistently delivered a brilliant cut, being strong enough to cut right through knots and matted hair with ease.

This ensures the job gets finished in next to no time, which causes less stress for you and the dog. Dog’s ears are also very sensitive, so the A5 model is fairly quiet compared to a standard one. This is to ensure that your pet does not get frightened when you try to trim his coat, and that the entire process is as painless as possible for everyone.


Why should you purchase them?

One of the major reasons for many people purchasing Oster branded clippers is the reliability and reputation of them. If you have a dog that needs to be trimmed quite frequently during the summer, you need something that will not not let you down, or wear out quickly. The general reputation of the A5 model is that they last for many years, so you would not have to worry about buying a new set of clippers for many years to come. With this in mind you do not need to worry about the stress of trimming your dog, in addition to saving quite a bit of money too.
The A5 trimmers can be used with the Oster cryogen x detachable blades, and they can also be used with the A5 turbo clipper blades. As a general guide, you should change the blades every so often to ensure you are getting the best cut. The product should come with oil and an application brush, and should you run out of oil, then something like Oster Kool Lube can be bought to prevent the clipper from overheating.
The A5 clipper kit contains a few different blades sizes that will achieve different things. For many of the usual grooming tasks, you can use blades from the numbers 10 & 40. For minor trimming jobs, and removing matted hair, the number 10 is a good choice. If you want to clip your dogs hair all the way down to the skin, then the number 40 will be quite good. If you dog has particularly tough mats, or has some lesions or skin infections, the number 40 is a also good choice for this. Make sure your clippers blades are in good condition before you clip, otherwise the damaged blades could lacerate your pets skin, which could lead to infection. Common signs of damage are lack of cutting power, and missing teeth. These are a good sign that the blades will need to be replaced.


So that is a quick look at the A5 clipper. It has been a firm favourite amongst dog owners for many years, and will be until a better product comes along. You will find this model for sale in some pets stores, otherwise it can easily be found online. Amazon keep it in stock, and you can read many of the happy user reviews and check the current pricing on their product page.
Keep all these factors in mind if you are thinking about buying a set of Oster A5 clippers, and you will find a pair that will serve you well for many years!

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