Osterizer Blenders

Osterizer Blenders

In this article we are going to be talking about blenders, specifically the Oster brand of blenders otherwise known as Osterizer blenders. These are a very well known and popular range of blenders, and a choice of many folks in recent years. There are quite a few different models in this product range however, so how do you go about deciding what model will best suit you needs? Different folks have different requirements, so perhaps the cheapest model is all you need. Or perhaps you need a stronger blender to deal with tougher foods. Below we will be talking about some of the different features in the Oster product range, to help you decide which kind will be best suited to your needs. We will also look at two of their top models, so you can skip right to that section if you want over here.

The various different features on the Osterizer range

Oster blenders tend to change in price from the basic models (around $25) all the way up to $100 for the most advanced models. So lets discuss some of the reasons for the price differences between these models, and what this means for you.
The first main feature you want to look at is how powerful the motor is. Most entry level blenders come with a 350-400w motor, which is fine for doing smaller quantities or softer foods. A higher quality blender will come with a larger 600-700w motor, which is more capable of blending larger quantities or tougher foods and fruit. It is important to buy a blender that comes with a capable motor, otherwise you risk burning out the motor if it cannot handle the load. We recommend anything from 500w to be on the safe side, but if you only intend to blend smaller quantities then you should be fine. Bear in mind that the power of the motor should not be your only concern, as you will also need to consider what kind of parts drive the motor. Cheaper models will run on plastic gears and a shaft, whereas the better quality models will have steel gears and a steel shaft. The steel varieties are definitely much stronger and reliable, so again we would recommend you buy one of these models for long term durability. Another nice feature some of the mid to high end models come with is a reversible motor, which is quite handy if you have any sort of blockage. Simply choose one of the presets that make use of the rotate function, and you will no longer need to open up the top to push food onto the blades anymore!

Next up you will need to look at what kind of jar you want with the Osterizer model. Most cheaper models will come standard plastic jars, while the more expensive models come with glass jars. In our experience the glass jars tend to be much more hardy and long lasting. However the plastic jars in the Oster range are now branded as “Break Resistant”, so perhaps their range of plastic jugs are now a bit more durable. If you are looking for the toughest material, then we would definitely recommend you look at purchasing a glass model. However if you are on a tight budget, then the plastic one should be ok.

Why are the blades important?

Another important aspect when it comes to making a choice is to see what kind of blades the the blender comes with. Ideally you want stainless steel blades, as these tend to last quite a long time and are less prone to rust. Keep in mind that these blades will need to be able to take a lot of abuse, so you have to be sure you are getting a quality blade. All the newer models on the Osterizer range seem to be fitted with the same blades now, which are stainless steel “Ice Crusher” blades. These are very good blades, and should last for many years. Even if they do wear out, you can buy compatible replacement blades which generally don’t cost more than a few dollars.

The capable speeds of the blender should be another consideration. If you intend to blend or crush objects quite finely, then a model with a variety of faster speeds will give you the finest blend. Many models also have specific programs for certain popular recipes, such as smoothies for example. These recipes run at a certain speed for a set amount of time, so this will save you some time if you don’t feel like doing it yourself.
For ease of access, many units will come with a removable filler cap so you can quickly add more ingredients. This essentially means you can remove the little piece in the lid, without having to take off the entire lid. Something else you may want to look for is a dishwasher safe jug. Bear in mind that not all the Osterizer blender models are dishwasher safe, although most of them are. Be sure the model you like is dishwasher friendly if you intend to wash it in a dishwasher.

Recommended budget model – Oster 6706

Above are some of the features you will need to think about before you make a purchase. As for your recommendations, we think if you are only going to use the blender every one in a while then the Oster 6706 is a decent economical choice. This is a 6 cup plastic jug blender, which comes with 10speed settings. The motor is a all metal design, which has 700w of power and 450w of blending power. It has an all metal blade and drive design, and has a 3 year warranty on the entire unit with a 10 year warranty on the drive.

It has a bpa free jug, which is dishwasher friendly. And a nice little bonus is the blend and go cup, so you can take your drink with you if you are in a hurry. With a retail price of around $25, this model is certainly great value for money. You can find out more about this product and read some of the hundreds of 5-star user reviews over at the Amazon product page.

Recommended mid range model – Oster BVCB07-Z

If you want something that is a little more durable, then we would recommend looking at the Oster BVCB07-Z, otherwise known as the Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender. This is a 6 cup blender which features a dishwasher safe glass jar, and comes with 7 speed settings. It is dishwasher safe and has an all metal motor which runs at 1000w, with 600w of blending power. The motor is reversible, and the machine has several different presets to choose from. The body of the machine is a very stylish black and stainless steel design, which will look at home in any kitchen. This is a decent mid range blender, and the retail price is around $65 or so. Like the 6706 above, this model has a 3 year satisfaction warranty with a 10 year warranty on the motor. With over one thousand 5-star user reviews on Amazon, this one is definitely a winner. You can read some of those many reviews and find out more about it on the product page.

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