Parson Chair Slipcovers

Parson Chair Slipcovers

In this post we are going to be talking about slipcovers for Parson chairs. This article aims to give you all the info you need to help you choose the best type of cover for your chair. So why would you want a slipcover for your chair? The most common reason is to keep the fabric underneath in top shape, but of course many people swap covers simply to give the chair and room a new look. We are going to start by talking a bit about the chairs themselves, and then we will move onto the variety of different covers you can buy. If you simply want to find out where to buy them, you can skip to that section over here.

An intro to the chairs

For starters, some of you may be wandering what exactly a Parson chair is, let alone a slipcover for one! If you already know this, then you can skip this intro and move onto the next section of this page. If not, keep reading on.
A relative of mine mentioned that she needed a new cover for her chair. I had no idea what these types of chairs were, so I went out and did some research. I thought it would make a nice birthday present for her, so I decided to get more info about them. To put it in simple terms, these chairs were designed in the 1930s in France. They were developed by renowned young designer with very little experience in interior design, and are known for their simplistic and straightforward look. Generally the chairs use hardwood for the frame, feature 4 legs, and have a square backing with a slight reclining curve. They were designed this way for two reasons. The first main reason was to keep the design simple and contemporary, so that the chairs could fit in with any environment. The other reason they were designed this way was to keep them affordable. The designer wanted anyone to be able to afford to put this kind of chair in their home.

Oddly enough these chairs were originally only sold together with a matching dining room table, but due to the massive popularity of the chairs the manufacturers soon decided to start producing and selling the chairs separately. Since the chairs and dining room table often came standard with a tablecloth, the chairs came with covers to match the tablecloth. Since then most of the chairs sold have come standard with a cover for the chair.

A guide to the slipcovers

So why would you want to change your old cover, or even buy a new one? For most people out there the covers are used to match the decor of the room. Fancy a change of scenery? Then a room design can be fairly easily achieved since the slipcover can be on and off in literally seconds! The good thing about the dimensions of the chair is that it makes the manufacturing of covers quite simple, so this means they are fairly cheap to produce. The consumer benefits from this as they a quick to manufacture. This means there are quite a big variety of these type of covers available on the market. Some folks even tend to buy sets to match the varying seasons, like a warmer color for spring time or a cooler shade for winter. You will also find that there are holiday related sets of covers for big occasions such as christmas or thanksgiving day.

The covers are not limited to being solely for decor however. A second benefit of the covers is to actually protect the chair. Cats love to take a nap on chairs, so the cover makes sure all their discarded hair remains on the cover, and this keeps the chair in pristine condition! Often these kinds of chairs are used in the dining room, which is what they were originally intended for. This means many people use the chairs to sit and eat, so the covers help to protect the chair in case anyone spills the food on them.

Materials and colors

Parson chair slipcovers come in a variety of materials. Polyester is a popular choice for many people as it is fairly well priced. The covers are washable too in case there are any unwanted food spills, so this is something else to think about. As far as colors go, there is a massive range to choose from. Full white covers with embedded images or logos remain quite a popular selling item.

Many solid covers too such as red or blue still remain very popular as these go well with a wide variety of interior design ideas. Other good ones to look out for include wavy patterns, striped designs, or if you want something a bit more funky and fresh you could look out for a polka dot cover! There are many more slipcover colors available so you will have to search around to find what suits your house best.

Pricing and availability

So what can you expect to pay for a slipcover? For a basic type of design, you will probably find some cheap deals at around the $10-$15 mark. This would be for something like a rayon/polyester type of fabric. This is more than adequate for most homeowners. For a bit of a more elegant or modern design you could keep an eye out for a 100% cotton cover. These are great for summer as they ensure your back doesn’t stick to them on one of those humid summer days. These are a bit more expensive unfortunately, more in the range of $80 or so. Depending where you look though you may be able to find a good deal on one.

So where is the best place to actually find these types of slipcovers? You certainly won’t find this item in your local mom and pops store. However you can find them at the odd home style store, but I’ve noticed that their varieties are often fairly limited. They don’t seem to stock many of them as it is a bit of a unique item.
The best option is to look online, as you will find a huge range of deals on slipcovers. Due to the large amount of competition on ecommerce sites to get your hard earned dollars, you will always find a good deal online. And many sites are more focused on this type of speciality item so you will also find a larger variety. So this is what I think would be the best plan of action. Of course Amazon is definitely worth a mention here, as they have lots of different ones in stock. You can go here to take a look at some of their many different ones on offer.
So have a good look first online, and make sure to compare deals and you will be sure to find a great slipcover for your chair in no time!

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