Pink Toilet Seats

Pink Toilet Seats

In this day and age you will find that most people out there have a white toilet seat. It is also quite common to find beige and cream colors. You can find toilet seats available in just about every color out there, and changing the color will add a bit of variety and style to your bathroom. If you want to add a softer feel to your bathroom area, or are looking at decorating a girl’s bathroom, then pink is an ideal choice. Many people like to relax in their bath after a long day at the office, and the color pink promotes a relaxed atmosphere. You can find pink toilet seat models in a variety of different shapes, ranging from hot pink to the milder pastal style pink.

Why choose a pink one?

Pink is a wonderful color to play around with. It will work with many other colours out there, and has the influence to liven up an area, or soften it. Besides the plain colored seats, you can also find pink seats with patterns on them. These add lots of character to your bathroom. Popular ones include the bubble shape pattern – this one is great because it will match almost any other bathroom decor out there. If you are worried about the pink overwhelming the rest of the decor, you shouldn’t as the base of the toilet is still white which will tone down the emphasis on the pink.

You can buy all pink toilets, but this is not advised unless you have an all pink theme in your bathroom. Passive pink colors will be best for a relaxed and classic bathroom. Hot pink is good for a modern bathroom, as it promotes vibrant color and style.

Various Styles And Covers

On the market today there are two different shapes for toilet seats – round and oblong. You should first look at your current toilet seat to find out the shape, then start searching for designs that interest you. You could go with a poly resin seat, plastic, or a padded one. All three are good choices, but you need to decide what you want first so you have the right category in mind when looking. Plastic is one of the more popular choices due to it’s price, and they are quite durable. Most of the plastic seats are treated with ultra violet protection and chemical resistance, so that the color does not fade over time. Padded seats are great if you are after a comfortable seat. A odd statistic is that the average person spends between 1-4 years of their life on the toilet, so why not spend it in a comfortable seat? These are made with a high density foam, which often covered with vinyl. This allows a comfortable setting for your toilet, while at the same time being very easy to clean. You can find padded toilet seats in many different shapes and sizes. You could also look for a pink seat cover to compliment your new seat. There is nothing worse than having to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of a winter night, only to sit down and discover the seat feels like it is frozen! A seat cover will prevent this, and ensures that you are always comfortable no matter what the temperature. There are many different pink seat covers out there, so have a look and you will be sure to find one that will compliment your new seat.
If you are after something a little bit different, you could look out for a decorative style pink toilet seat. Popular ones in pink include the seashell design which features sea shells moulded into a pink resin. This seat is very stylish, and adds a great touch to your home.


You can often find sets of toilet seat covers that are easily interchangeable, and these can also be found in pink colors. If you want to install a new seat cover it is very simple. All you really need is a screwdriver, and a minute or two to fit the new seat. Anyone can do it, and you don’t need to be a diy expert. Pricing for pink style seats vary from the cheaper ones at about $14, to a premium model for around $75. It all depends what material and style you want in your bathroom. Plastic will be the cheapest, but will also be a bit plain. Ultimately you will have to decide what is best for you.
With all this in mind, choose carefully, and you will be sure to find a toilet seat that will look great and last you for many years!

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