Promise Rings For Girlfriends

Promise Rings For Girlfriends

We are going to be talking about the many different kinds of promise rings you can get for your girlfriend today, and hopefully we can help you find one that will suit your needs. People buy them for many different reasons aside from showing commitment and love in a relationship, so we will be talking about that for a bit, then having a look at some of the top rated models both in price and quality at the time of writing. You can skip to the recommended ring section by clicking here. Otherwise you can read on below to find out if a promise ring is what you want to give.

Why should you give a promise ring to a girlfriend?

Promise rings have a long and interesting history, and have been part of human culture for many years. In ancient times, they were part of a betrothal, which is almost like a precursor to being married. A betrothal was essentially a promise to marry someone, and at the time it was announced, the lady was given a ring as part of the promise to marry her at a later stage.
In this day and age we still use them to promise certain things to someone, but the meaning can be quite varied from person to person.
A promise ring can mean that the man is willing to marry her, but isn’t quite ready to fully commit to an engagement or marriage right away. In this case the ring will show that their intentions are true, but that they will only commit to engagement when they feel they are ready for this task.

The most common meaning behind promise rings is that you intend to be faithful to the person you are giving the ring to. This shows that you are going to be true to the relationship, and that you are serious about making a proper commitment to that person. It is often not the ring that is important, but more the meaning behind it that is the important part. Being true to someone is a important part of a relationship, and having a physical symbolization of this commitment is a good way to show your seriousness in a relationship.

What else can a promise ring mean?

A promise ring doesn’t have to be related to being true to someone, or having an intention to marry them however. It can be used to say that you will be there for someone when they need you. It can also mean that you will keep a secret for that person, or even that you you love that person. If it is for a younger couple, then it can also mean that they will save their virginity for each other. A promise ring can even be used to show friendship, and to symbolize your friendship. There is no definitive set meaning to getting one of these rings, but we have listed some of the more popular reasons above.

A promise ring doesn’t even have to be given to someone, you can give one to yourself. Why would you do this? It can be for a promise made to yourself, for example to lose weight. Every time you feel like you want to deviate from your goal, you would have the ring on as a reminder to remain true to your goal. It can also be used to accomplish certain goals, such as if you plan to improve your education. Having a physical reminder of a goal is very important, and it will help to keep you focused on your goal until you have accomplished whatever you set out to do.
Remember that there are many different meanings to a promise ring, but at the end of the day it is a promise to someone or yourself. If you are giving the ring to someone else, then you must be clear on what the promise is to avoid any confusion since promise rings have so many different meanings.

Now lets have a look at some of the best promise rings you can currently get.

Recommended ring – Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Infinity Heart Ring

There are two rings we can recommend, and the first of these is the Cubic Zirconia Infinity Heart Ring. This is a somewhat cheaper ring, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look great. It is made out of sterling silver, and is rhodium plated. It has a number of CZ stones surrounding the heart, and is quite a good looking ring for the budget price.

Unfortunately this ring does not come in 1/2 sizes, but the size do range all the way from 4 up to 12. It comes complete with a gift box, and the retail price on Amazon is around $35. However the retail price does seem quite inflated, considering the price at the time of writing was under $10! You can check the current pricing and read some of the user reviews on the Amazon listing.

Recommended ring – Light Blue CZ Color Stone Promise Ring

Next up we have the Light Blue CZ Color Stone Promise Ring which is a bit of a step up from the Infinity Heart ring above. This particular ring has a retail price of above $80, but also seems to sell for much less than that on some online sites. This ring is also made out of 925 sterling silver, and features CZ stones around the band area. The main draw is the heart shaped light blue CZ stone which sits in the center, and looks very pretty and unique.

It comes in sizes 4-10, and is rhodium plated. Aside from that there isn’t too much more to add – the ring quite is affordable, looks really nice, and has many great user reviews. At the discounted price it sells for, it definitely looks like a winner. If you want to find out more and check out the current price, head over at the Amazon product page.

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