Pubic Hair Trimmers

Pubic Hair Trimmers

Today we will be discussing the pubic hair trimmer. Many of us have our hair trimmed at the salon or barber, but have you ever thought about trimming your pubic hair? This fad has exploded in recent years. Gone are the big bushes of the earlier years. In the seventies and eighties it was perfectly acceptable to let your body hair grow naturally. In this day and age, people put more attention to grooming themselves, and the pubic region is no exception. A clean shaven look is definitely “in” right now. Many people do this on a daily basis for several reasons. These various models come at a very reasonable price, and offer many advantages.

Where can you buy one?

In the past, you could only find these trimmers in places such as sex shops due to them not being all that popular, or due to the embarrassment of buying them. Now you will find they can be bought virtually anywhere. People are tired of using scissors, combs, and razors, and want more options as trimming pubic hair is quite common nowadays. Specially developed models are perfect for trimming sensitive regions, especially if you are worried about cutting yourself in that particular area! They are designed with the highest safety standards in mind.

What else are they known as?

A bikini trimmer or bikini shaver are the most recognizable names for a women’s pubic trimmer. Bikini trimmer or bikini shaver sounds a bit more appealing than “pubic hair trimmer”. Most of the models come with a how to trim guide, but you probably won’t need it as the trimming should be fairly simple to do. The standard model will contain adjustable lengths from around 5-9mm, and will be set up like a beard trimmer. The actually trimming process is entirely pain free, and most models are curved to reach some of the tougher areas. To make sure you don’t get any nicks or cuts, the blades are quite small. Besides using the trimmer to trim you pubes, you can also use it to shave designs into you pubic hair. In the unlikely event that you can’t find a bikini trimmer, you can always substitute it with a mens beard trimmer, although you need to be careful to find one with the right size attachments so you can shave with precision.

As for the men out there, besides using a standard beard trimmer to do your general trimming, you can also find various testicle trimmers out there. This is quite a new concept in the world of the personal grooming, and these products have only been on the market for a few years. With a standard razor, you would have to go back and forth over your testicle area to create a smooth shave. This creates a lot of friction, which leads to irritation. A normal beard trimmer is quite difficult to work with in this region, because it is a bit heavy, and harder to control in that particular area. With the testicle trimmer the process is quite simple. You comb your testicles with the trimmer, as it is set up like a short comb and has blades attached. The testicle trimmer is the best choice for men if you intend to shave that region, otherwise a normal pubic hair style trimmer should suit you just fine.


By trimming your pubic hair you keep the area clean, and it makes you look more attractive to the opposite sex. Many women and men complain that they get pubic hair in their mouth when performing oral sex with their partner,so the trimmer is the ultimate solution to this. There is nothing worse than getting a pubic hair stuck in your throat when you are trying to please your partner! For men, the best way to show off what you have is to shave the area. This allows a unclouded view of your manhood, which your woman will love! And even if you only want to trim the area to keep it looking tidy, there is certainly no better way to do it. Many of these models are available online, which is handy if you don’t like the idea of buying it in person! Amazon sell quite a few different models, and you can see their current range over on their website.
With all this in mind, choose wisely, and you will find the best model to keep you looking great!

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