Purple Shower Curtains

Purple Shower Curtains

Are you looking to give your bathroom a new look? Or looking to replace that old and tattered shower curtain you currently have? Then you have arrived at the best place. A bathroom can be given a complete facelift with the simple act of replacing the shower liner, as it is the most prominent feature in most bathrooms. Today we will be discussing what to look out for when choosing a new shower curtain, especially in regards to a purple one. We will give you some helpful pointers and tips, which should hopefully help you make a good choice. Read below for some helpful information and pointers when choosing your new shower curtain.

Why choose a purple curtain?

Ladies and kings love this color, as it is often associated with royalty. For some people it represents tranquillity and peace, and brings a kind of comfort. To others it is involved with spirituality, and is regarded as a mysterious color. How you feel about the color should be the deciding factor though, what emotions it stimulates, and what the color represents in your life.

You will find that the purple colored shower curtains come in a variety of fabrics and color combinations. Some will only contain a shade of purple, others will be completely purple. A popular combination seems to be gold and purple. A purple polka dot pattern is a popular choice for kids bathrooms. These are some of the more popular choices, however you will find a big range of choices besides these ones.

Your other bath accessories will also determine what type of shower curtain you can purchase. For example, a darker purple curtain with a lighter tone purple as a base works really well. You will also find striped patterns with the lighter and darker shades sell very well. Most of these come with a purple liner to complete the look. If you are an animal lover, then you will find several sea style curtains with animals on them such as dolphins, which feature the color purple quite prominently.

What do they cost, and where can you get them?

So how much can you expect to pay for your shower curtain? This can vary from around $10 for a very cheap one, all the way up to $100 for a designer curtain. It all depends what you need, and how much you can budget towards it. On average though, you can expect to pay around $30 for something decent. Remember the curtain will last a good few years if you take care of it.
Different types of shower curtain fabrics and materials require different types of care. The fabric type liners need to be hand washed, which can be a bit of a pain Other types such as vinyl are a bit better as the only need a quick wipe with a cloth and they are done. A helpful tip is to make sure that your newly bought shower curtain comes with hooks, otherwise you will have to budget extra for them. They are quite cheap though, so don’t make this a primary concern.
Shower curtains featuring purple are quite easy to find online, especially if you are looking for a uniquely styled shower curtain, such as a specific design or a particular style or format like hookless and extra long. Amazon is always a good starting point to start your search, as they offer quite a few different models. You can go here to see what they currently offer.
If you are looking to spruce up your bathroom a bit, and give it an elegant look, a purple shower curtain is just what you need.

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