Recliner Lift Chairs

Recliner Lift Chairs

If you need a small “boost” getting up from a seated position, then you will benefit from lift chairs. This includes anyone who has a problem getting out of a regular chair, particularly those with types of disabilities such as arthritis, back pain, or mobility problems. They aren’t limited to helping out these types of people though – pregnant women will also greatly benefit from a lift chair, and even short people can benefit from this. In this article we will be talking about what kind of chair you should consider, and look at some of the top models for sale. You can skip onto the recommended models section using this link.

How do you decide what chair you need?

It may be quite tough for you to decide on a chair, if you are in the process of looking for one. Lots of different makes and types are on the market, and each has its own reclining capability. There are chair recliners out there to suit every budget and price out there. Popular manufacturers of these types of recliner lift chairs include Golden Technologies, Pride Mobility, and Lane Furniture. You could need a virtually infinite number of reclining positions, or only one or two for example. All these choices can make things quite difficult and confusing, if you are not sure what the differences are between the various types.

So we’ve established that there a a number of different types – let’s take a look at each one.
A two position recliner will recline to an approximately 45-degree angle. These are fine for sitting, but generally not too great to sleep in. You can usually choose anywhere up to a 45 degree angle with these recliner lift chairs as well. From a sitting to a standing position, most of the the work is done by a chair, so not much effort is required on your part. Using the provided hand controls you operate the motor, and control the lift and recline functions.

Chairs with three positions allow you recline so that you are virtually flat on your back. For the most comfort, you can choose just about every angle between a flat position, and an upright seated one. With the three position lift chairs, the footrest normally also moves in conjunction with the reclining movement, so it will lower and raise as you lift yourself up or recline. Very much like the two position chairs, it will take you from standing to a seated position very easily, and they are motorized, and operated via hand controls.

Now onto the chair recliners with a infinite number of positions. These usually have twin motors instead of one. However with these types of reclining chairs, the footrest operates independently (unlike the two-or three-position ones). The actions you do with the chair itself can be done separately, such as raising and lowering the footrest. With this in mind, you can still sit in a 90 degree upright position and have your feet raised. If you have problems with arthritis or edema, you can raise your feet above your heart which is very helpful. These chairs provide a very comfy sleeping platform since you can operate the feet and back controls independently.
Most models come in a wide range of colors and styles. Remember to look for a chair that has the features you need first, and then think about the additional benefits. Now lets look at some of the most popular models on the market.

Featured Chair – Golden Technologies Capri PR-200 2-Position

Golden technologies manufactures one of the industry’s finest standard lift chairs, which is pretty good value for money. Although it is a fairly basic chair, it does come with a number of nice features. The Capri Series is a two position chair which lifts and reclines to a semi “napper” position, and has arms that offer a wider, more rounded design for extreme comfort and stability. A truly sensible recliner lift, the Capri combines style with dependability and long lasting comfort. Some of the other features are listed below.

  • Classic Colonial style back design
  • Whisper quiet smooth lift and recline
  • Easy to use two button control

Featured Chair – Classic Line CL-30 3-Position

The Pride Classic Line C-30 Lift chair has a split back design, and is a 3 position medium-to-large size chaise lounge chair . As standard it comes with armrest covers and 38 great upholstery options, 15 of which are at no additional cost. It has a similar retail price to the PR-200 mentioned above, with the advantage of being a 3 position instead of a 2 position. The mains specifications of it are listed below.

  • Formerly known as the Casual Line
  • Seating area is 22″ wide by 20″ deep
  • Massage and Heat option available
  • Smooth and quiet lift system
  • Frame is hardwood

Featured Chair – Relaxer PR-756 with Maxi-Comfort

The Golden Technologies PR 756MC Relaxer Infinite Position lift chair is a recliner / lift that features Golden Tech’s patent pending MaxiComfort recline system, and a four pillow waterfall back. This unique system allows you to elevate your hips and feet above your heart for improved circulation. Containing an almost endless positioning capability, the Relaxer can recline into a “zero-gravity like” position for maximum pressure relief. It may be a little pricier than the above two models, but in our eyes it it worth it. More info on it below.

  • Elevate your feet and hips above your heart, and improve circulation
  • Specifically Oversized floating arms
  • Independent back and foot control
  • Deep seated comfort

These are some of the best recliners available when it comes to aiding mobility, and all of them are decent choices. Remember to choose wisely and your chair will give you many years of service.

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