Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser Recliner Chairs

Are you looking at buying a riser recliner? Then you have come to the right place! On this site we are going to be talking about some of the features and settings you should consider before buying a riser recliner, otherwise known as lift chairs. Some of these chairs can cost in the range of $1000+, so you need to be very careful in which one you choose to buy. This buyers guide will hopefully give you a bit of insight in what is important before you make any kind of purchase. Once we have have gone over some of the important bits to consider, we will then have a look at some of the better models you can currently get. If you already have an idea of what you are looking for, you can skip onto the recommended model section over here. Otherwise we suggest you keep reading on below to get an idea of what will suit your needs best.

What features should you look for?

Due to a lift chair being such a pricey purchase, we decided to write this quick and handy guide for anyone is looking at purchasing one. A riser recliner can make life much easier for anyone with mobility issues, so you must make sure you get a suitable model.
Now one of the first things you will need to look at is how many positions the chair comes with. Very basic chairs will only come with two positions – a forward position to help you in and out of the seat, and a reclined position for comfort. Most mid range chairs will come with 3 positions to pick from, while more expensive models will give you a variety of reclining positions to choose from. For most folks, the 2 or 3 position chairs will give you enough comfort without spending a fortune. Generally these types have the footrest and back linked, so when you recline the footrest also comes up. If you want a chair with independently operated back and footrests, you will have to look at spending a lot more.

Why is the mechanism important?

Secondly you will need to look at the operation of the mechanism. Is it quick and easy for anyone to operate? You should also consider how well the chair moves. Does it rise and recline in a smooth fashion? This is very important for anyone in pain, as any stuttering movement will likely do more harm than good. Is the forward movement position slow enough to allow the person enough time to get ready to dismount the chair? These are all important questions which you should consider. A quiet mechanism is also preferable, since these riser recliner chairs often used in the tv or living room.
The build of the chair is another consideration. Is the chair going to be strong enough to hold the person? Many chairs will often post the maximum supported weights of the chairs, so keep that in mind. Remember that the supported weight is not the only issue however, as the material used in the construction of the chair is just as important. A steel mechanism is what you should be looking for, as this will provide maximum durability. And chairs constructed with hardwood are also ideal, since this is a tough kind of wood.

What comfort features do you get?

Next up you should take a look at some of the comfort features in the riser recliner. What kind of fabric does it use? Acrylic, micro-suede and vinyl are three common fabrics used in cheaper chairs, while you will find that leather ones can cost much more than this. We should add caution though that materials like vinyl and leather can be a little slippery, so care must be taken if purchasing these for a frail person.
You should also take a look at the padding built into the chair. Will it provide enough support for the occupant? And does the padding rebound once the chair is unoccupied, or will the chair eventually form indentations of where the person has sat?
Some models also have adjustable or removable headrests, so keep an eye out for this feature if you think it will be handy.
Lastly you must look at the dimensions of the chair to make sure it will fit in the allocated space. Remember that the chair will take up more space in the reclined position, so this must be considered too.
So those are some of the features to consider, now lets take a look at some of the current top rated models on the market.

Mega Motion Wayne Chair

First up we are going to look at the Mega Motion Wayne chair. This is a fairly basic recliner model, and comes in a variety of colors to fit any room including brown (pictured), red, blue, fawn, sage and vinyl chestnut. All the colors use a acrylic blend fabric, except for the chestnut which is made out of vinyl. This riser recliner has three positions, and is made in the USA. Operating the chair is very straightforward, and all that is need to rise or recline is the push of a button. The lifting mechanism is made out of heavy duty steel, and the entire frame is made out of hardwood so it should last for many years.
This particular chair can lift up to 325lb, and it comes with a one year in home service warranty, two years on the parts, and a lifetime warranty on the lift mechanism. This is a decent affordable chair with a retail price of around $650, and should provide many years of comfortable hassle free operation. You can find out more on the chair and read some of the happy user reviews on Amazon.

Mega Motion Easy Comfort LC-100 Chair

Lastly we have the Mega Motion Easy Comfort LC-100. This is a much more luxurious model, as it comes with heating and massage functions built in. This is a infinite position riser and recliner, and comes in a choice of colors including brandy, chocolate, fawn, navy, sage and chestnut vinyl. Like the Easy Comfort above, all the colors are made out of a comfortable fabric upholstery except for the vinyl choice. The mechanism is made out of steel, and the frame is made out of hardwood. The dimensions of this lift chair are 28.5″W x 20″D x 43″H, and this chair reclines virtually flat  for ultimate comfort and relief. There are dual motors which control the back and feet, giving you a range of different reclining positions to suit your needs. It can support weights up to 325lb, and is easily operated by the included remote. There is also a backup battery built in, to provide you with emergency power to raise the chair if the electricity goes out.
The warranty on this particular chair is quite substantial, offering a one year in home warranty in home service, 2 years on parts and a lifetime warranty on the mechanism. With a user rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon (at the time of writing) and a retail price of under $1000, this is a very tempting choice. You can find out more about this particular chair, and read some of the many happy reviews on the Amazon product page.

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