Royale Hair Straighteners

Royale Hair Straighteners

In this post we are going to be talking about hair straighteners made by Royale. Our aim today is to give you the information you need to help you choose the best one for your needs. These particular models are a little on the pricey side, so what do you need to know before you make a purchase? Which of their models are the best, and are they good value for money? And more importantly how long will they last? Hopefully we can answer all those questions below. If you want to know where you can get them, you can skip onto that section of the page using this link.

A quick history of Royale

Some of you out there may be wondering about the history of the company, specifically how long they have been in business. This could possibly give you an idea of how reliable they are which is why we included it in this article. If you have no interest in this you can move onto the next section of this page.
Royale founded their USA branch in 2004. Prior to this they had been very popular in the European market for many years, and are well known as one of the top manufacturers of straighteners over there. Their main aim is to provide salon quality items for purchase at a more affordable cost. Their brand awareness has been rapidly increasing in the USA in the last few years, and their quality products are quickly gaining a cult following of happy customers. They are well known for their relentless pursuit of product perfection and innovation. They are at the forefront of all the latest developments in hair care, and aim to be the leader in their field. All their hair straightener products come with a 5 year guarantee, which is almost 4x longer than the standard guarantee of 1 year that comes with most hair straighteners. This is testament to the high quality of the their hair straightener units.

What are some of the advantages of their product line?

So what are some of the advantages of getting one of these hair straighteners? If you skipped the last paragraph then we will mention the 5 year guarantee again, which is an excellent benefit for starters. The next main advantage we can talk about is the technology implemented in most of their straighteners. It is called “Nano Silver”. This technology is incorporated into the plates of the straightener, and works it’s magic as you straighten your hair. So what’s so special about this? The great thing about this is that it means you can straighten your hair even if hasn’t been washed. You don’t need to worry about any buildup clogging up the straightener, so this is a major benefit to the Royale models, especially if you have to straighten your hair on a frequent basis.
The next good feature is the varied range of temperature control. On one of their more popular models otherwise know as the Classic model, the temperatures range from 176 degrees Fahrenheit to 446 degrees. This means it suits universal hair types, as different hair types require different temperatures to respond to straightening. This is one of the more versatile temperature ranges currently available on a straightener, so definitely something to keep in mind in mind when you are looking at different units.

What else do they offer in features?

Another good feature on these units is the dual voltage control, which features in almost no other American straightener units. So what’s the main benefit of this? Since these units are brought in from Europe, they are designed with European voltages in mind, but are adapted to work with American voltages too. So basically this means that they are great for traveling, since they work equally well in other countries that work on voltages between 110v-220v.
Something else to think about is the start up time of the unit. A Royale hair straightener unit can heat up in a matter of seconds thanks to their heating technology. This is great for anyone who doesn’t have time to sit and wait around for a straightener to heat up. It means you can get the job done, then move onto more important things much faster.
Most Royale models feature a 1.25″ in width ceramic plate. This is a little bigger than the standard size, but it means you get to finish the job a bit faster, and allows the unit to accommodate a wider range of styles.
The last little feature we can talk about is the actual design of the units. Some of them come in a range of patterns if that is something that you are interested in. Featured patterns include zebra print and hot leopard spots for example. This means your straightener can look just as fresh and funky as your new hairstyle!

What do they cost, and where can you get them?

In terms of pricing, they do range quite a bit depending on the features of that particular unit. Some of the cheaper units go for about $79, while some of the more premium salon grade units can go up to $399 in price. It all depends on what your intended usage is. The mid range products for about $150 should be just fine for someone who plans to straighten their hair on a daily basis. The Classic straightener is what most folks go for, and has a reputation for being on of the best straighteners ever made.

Now where can you get them? The good news is that they are readily available at most of the big retail stores out there, so they aren’t hard to find. They can be a little pricey in store though due to their premium reputation. We would recommend you check online first to see what type of deals you can find. This way you can search all the big internet sites, and perhaps compare them to try and get the best deal. The bigger eCommerce sites often offer better prices due to their reduced running costs, so this should be the first place you start looking. Of course Amazon is worth a mention here, as they sell quite a big range of the Royale products. There is also the added benefit of the many user reviews to give you an idea of how good that product is, so you click here to see what Amazon has to offer.
Remember to consider all the info we have given you today before you make a choice, as there are quite a few different models to pick from. Remember that there is a 5 year guarantee as a standard, so if you pick a Royale straightener you can’t go wrong!

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