Silvercrest Bread Maker

Silvercrest Bread Maker

Today we are going to be talking about a somewhat newer and popular brand of bread makers called Silvercrest. These have appeared on the market in recent years, and are a very affordable way to make your own bread at home. Aside from bread, you can also make a variety of other goods such as jams and cakes. The Silvercrest brand of bread makers are cheaper than some of the other big manufacturers such as Panasonic, but can they compete in terms of quality or ease of use? That is what we hope to try and answer today, so keep reading to find out more!

The most popular Silvercrest model

When it comes to modern day bread makers, most of them come with a variety of additional cooking modes and options to pick from. Bread makers have changed drastically in the last decade, going from simple bread makers into state of the art cooking machines. The Silvercrest range of bread makers is no different, and their models give you the option of making many different kinds of bread and other goodies. Undoubtedly one of the more popular Silvercrest models is the SBB 850 EDS A1, and this is what we are going to have a look at. This is a powerful 850w watt bread maker, and comes with a twin paddle design. Most cheaper models are a single paddle design, and are the vertical style of bread makers. The 850 EDS however is a twin paddle design and cooks the bread horizontally so you are left with larger more traditional sized bread loaves. You can make three different size loaves, ranging in size from a small 750g to the medium 1000g and the large 1250g.
Lets take a look at the design of the unit and what accessories you get with it. The top of the Silvercrest bread machine is made out of stainless steel, and the top trimmings are a sleek black color. The sides are finished in black, and this looks very modern and stylish which will look at home in any kitchen. There is a large viewing window above the baking tin, and the logo is prominently displayed below this window. The LCD is a decent size, and quite easy to read. On either side of the lcd are the various buttons and settings you can pick from, and the 12 programmable settings are also written on either side of the lcd for quick reference. Overall it is a modern day design, and a nice change from the standard white bread makers (which tend to show any dust very easily!).

What kind of programming modes does it have?

Included with this machine are a few goodies to help you make fresh bread. A measuring cup and spoon are included, and you also get the standard operational manual and the recipe guide. A nice little extra is the inclusion of a kneading paddle remover, in case the paddles get stuck in the bread loaf. As mentioned earlier, you have 12 different programmable settings to pick from.
The first setting is for your standard white and brown types of bread, such as those using wheat or rye flour. Using this “Regular” mode you should set your level of browning required for the crust. If you are looking to make a lighter kind of bread using well milled flour, such as french bread, then setting number 2 which is called “French” mode is what should use. If you are in the mood for a healthy loaf, then the number 3 mode called “Wholewheat” is what you want. This is for breads made with whole wheat or whole rye flour, and this setting gives this kind of bread a more thorough mix for a better result. If you want a more exotic choice of bread, then the 4th “Sweet” mode will come in handy. If you are making bread with goodies such as raisins or dried fruit, the Silvercrest machine will run an extended rising phase to provide the optimal results for this kind of bread.
If you need your bread in a rush, then you can select the 5th “Super Rapid” mode. This mode is designed for straight forward kinds of breads, but it will not come out as tasty as some of the other modes. The reason for this is that the bread will not be as aerated due to the cut down baking times. It does make quite a difference in cooking times however, as a large loaf will take around 3:15 on “Regular” mode while this same loaf will cook in 2:25 in “Super Rapid” mode.
The 6th mode is “Dough”, which as the name implies can make all kinds of dough. No cooking takes place in this mode, and it will make all kinds of dough including pizza, buns or plaits.
Mode number 7 is the “Pasta” mode. This is not for cooking pasta, but for making pasta dough! Pasta dough requires a bit of extra work on the machines parts, so a separate mode is designated for this. Mode number 8 is called “Buttermilk”, and is aimed at those kinds of breads that use buttermilk or yogurt. If you want Gluten free food, then you are in luck as mode number 9 is “Gluten free”. Gluten free flour needs additional cooking times, so this mode makes sure the appropriate cooking times are used for this bread type.
Mode number 10 is for “Cake”. This cooking mode is quite straightforward, and you simple place your ingredients in and it will make your cake. Mode 11 is called “Jam”, and allows you to make quick and easy preservatives of your choosing. Lastly we have mode 12 which is called “Bake”. If you feel your bread is not quite cooked well enough, you can use this mode to cook it for another 60 minutes. The bread is kept warm for an hour after the cooking is done, as this keeps the bread from becoming too moist.
That is a basic summary of some of the main programs on the bread machine.

Aside from these 12 baking programs, the Silvercrest bread maker also has a delay timer. It can be used for up to 15 hours, and allows you to set it in the evening or morning, which means you can wake up or come home to a freshly cooked leaf of bread! There are two other minor little details that we should mention. One is the non slip feet which come with this bread maker. These help to keep it firmly in place on your counter top, and there is no chance of the item moving with these rubber feet in place. This is very handy, especially if you have clumsy animals which can cause problems! Lastly there is the power cord. Unlike most other bread makers, the Silvercrest comes with a very lengthy 1.5m power cord. This is very handy if your nearest power point is a little far away, and might save you from buying an extension cord.
So that is a basic summary of the popular Silvercrest 850 bread machine. We think it is great value for money considering all the different kinds of bread and food you can make. Along with the cheaper pricetag, it also comes with a very convincing 3 year warranty for peace of mind. User reviews for this particular machine have been very positive, so make sure you keep an eye out for one.

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